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Botox Benefits: Nottingham, Beeston and West Bridgford

Botox is not a new concept and was launched for trial in 1978. Since then, the powerful neurotoxin has come in leaps and bounds and is being used frequently in global clinics for cosmetic applications such as smoothing wrinkles and plumping up the skin for a youthful refreshing look.

Botox is not something to be scared of, and many people are often surprised to know that the neurotoxin is so powerful and effective that it is being used to treat other symptoms, far beyond the needs of cosmetic applications.

5 Botox®TM Benefits – from Migraines to Exessive Sweating

1. Perspiration

Sweating is common, but when it is a chronic condition, it can be debilitating. Experts have found a link between Botox in armpits and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and are using it to block chemicals in the armpits that activate glands and sweat pores. Botox in

2. Migraines

Unfortunately, migraines are common and the ailment is extremely difficult to treat. Botox is now frequently being used to induce muscles and relax them. The Botox chemical has been proven to be effective and is most often injected into the face or neck.

3. An overactive bladder

Incontinence can often feel uncontrollable, and it is an embarrassing syndrome to have. Botox is far more effective than common nerve stimulation implants and is more frequently being used as an injection directly into the bladder.

4. Strabismus (cross eyes)

It wasn’t until recently that specialists found the link between Botox and correcting cross eyes. Botox can be directly injected into an eye muscle which not only corrects the eyes’ angle but also prevents the frequent spasms associated with Strabismus.

5. Spasms

Some women experience pain during intercourse and vaginal spasms is a leading cause of this. Women who are being treated with vaginal Botox injections are spreading the word far and wide that it has reduced, or even eliminated, their pain.

Botox in Nottingham, Chesterfield and Newark

The benefits of Botox are seemingly endless, but for the common consumer, the most amazing facet of the neurotoxin is the radiant look they receive after cosmetic injections.

Local, Discreet Clinic Locations in Gorgeous Properties

All locations are discreet, so while you will be able to find us easily, why you are visiting us will not be obvious to passers-by. Our three clinics are conveniently located throughout Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. They are all situated in luxurious settings, which helps when it comes to making you feel special during your treatment.

Our Nottingham clinic, for instance, is located in a Grade II listed building situated in the heart of Nottingham’s Lace Market district, which is a heritage site.

Our Newark clinic, meanwhile, is located in the picturesque market town between Nottingham and Lincoln whilst our Chesterfield clinic is located in a business park on the outskirts of Chesterfield.

Clinics Opening Times

All our clinics are open Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm and Saturdays 9 am – 1 pm. We run late nights, where we are open until 8 pm in Newark and Chesterfield on Mondays and Wednesdays and in Nottingham on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, we can accommodate you outside of these hours if you need us to, so just give us a call.

Cosmetic Botox injections should always be administered by a trained qualified Medical expert. Medskin Clinics offer Botox injections in its Nottingham, Newark on Trent and Chesterfield Locations.

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