What message do lips with lip fillers send? - MedSkin Clinic | Chesterfield, Newark and NottinghamA lot of women turn to lip fillers for the boost of self-esteem that they get every time they look in the mirror. And why not? A plumped-up pout can be a great source of self-confidence, so it’s understandable that this would be a huge driving force for those who undergo the simple, non-invasive procedure. But having lip fillers will also send a message to others – and this is also to your benefit. Let’s look at three things your perfect pout will portray to those you meet.

You’re healthy

Big lips can actually be a sign of health and vitality. The prominence of them can suggest that you adhere to a good diet, are well-hydrated and free from illnesses. This is opposed to smaller lips, which can appear lifeless and lacking in vibrancy. Of course, due to the fact that your lips take centre stage on your face, it shouldn’t be hard for others to conclude that you’re the air of good health thanks to your pout.

You’re naturally blessed

Thanks to fillers your lips might not be strictly natural – but they can definitely highlight the parts of your face that are! This is because lips that are larger and shapelier can better shape the face, in the process adding a sense of balance and symmetry that might have been missing in the past. This will mean that others will find your natural features to be more alluring simply because you’ve had your lips enhanced.

You’re still youthful

The air of youth is something that naturally subsides as we get older – but thankfully it’s possible to claw it back with the right procedure. Take, for example, lip enhancement. Fillers can pump up your lips, which will also cause the lines on the skin around your mouth to become less prominent. You’ll then send the message that you’re one of the lucky people to still look youthful even as you age.

What are your lips saying about you?

You need to ask what your lips say about you. Then – if you’re unsure that it’s the right message – you’re right to be thinking about lip fillers. For more information on having the procedure done, be sure to get in touch with the medical experts at MedSkin Clinic.

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