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Why do people have skin peels on their shoulders? - MedSkin ClinicThe face isn’t the only part of the body where men and women are choosing to have a skin peel. In fact, the procedure can actually be carried out on the back, chest and even the buttocks. The shoulders are also proving to be an especially popular area to undergo the procedure. The question is: why are people choosing to have skin peels on their shoulders? Let’s look at what you need to know as you weigh up whether you want to be amongst the many people taking advantage of this treatment.


The shoulders can actually be more widely exposed to the elements than other parts of the body. This is why they tend to burn – and peel – faster when you’re on holiday in a hot country. The fact that they’re put under this pressure means that they’re likelier to be more damaged than other areas, in the process meaning they are prone to dead skin. Thankfully a skin peel – which uses safe, acid-based solutions – is designed especially to renew your chosen body part, in this case, the shoulders.


The fashion industry has embraced trends where the shoulders are routinely bare. This is particularly true for women, with the likes of tube tops and halter necks leaving the area on show. Ultimately, it can mean that it’s extremely frustrating for those people who can’t wear certain fashions because they are concerned about their shoulders and the likelihood that the area might have traces of acne or dead skin.


Comfort is a big deal for people whose shoulders are in need of a skin peel. It’s one of the only parts of the body where clothing actually sits on top, meaning there can be constant pressure which can make the area unconformable or painful. This is especially problematic in the winter, when you might need to wear big thick coats. Luckily a skin peel can smooth the area and make it less sensitive when you’re wearing heavy materials.

Is it for you?

MedSkin Clinic is qualified to carry out skin peels on a whole manner of body parts. The treatment comes with many benefits, so be sure to get in touch for more information.

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