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Three reasons to battle milia with cryotherapy - MedSkin ClinicMilia is a skin condition in which small white bumps develop on the face. The symptoms can appear on any area but are most commonly found grouped together on the nose, cheeks or chin. The bumps – which are actually keratin-filled cysts – are often seen on young children, but adults can also develop them. Needless to say, they can be terribly frustrating – which is all the more reason to have them removed. The best option you have is cryotherapy. If you’re unsure whether to take action or wait for your milia to subside on its own, here are three things that you should be aware of.


If you’re lucky then your milia might be subtle and hardly noticeable. Unfortunately, there’s just no guarantee that it will remain this way. The bumps can actually change shape and colour, in some cases turning a more concentrated colour of white or an unsightly shade of yellow. The cysts can also become irritated on certain days, perhaps when you’ve been putting pressure on the area while sleeping.


In an ideal world you’d be able to cover the problem area with make-up, much like people can do rather successfully when treating the likes of rashes and blemishes. This usually won’t work when it comes to milia. Due to the fact that the bumps are elevated, it becomes harder to mask the area by using standard beauty products such as foundation or concealer.


Cryotherapy is a guaranteed means of removing milia – not to mention that it’s quick and safe. The same, however, can’t be said for waiting for the bumps to subside naturally. It can take months for an adult’s milia to go away. There’s just no way to say for sure when it will happen, which could mean you’re in for a very long and anxious waiting game.

It’s time to seek help

MedSkin Clinic are experts at using cryotherapy to help people battle milia. Whether yours have just developed or whether you’re simply fed up with waiting for it to go away, your journey to once again having blemish-free skin begins by getting in touch with MedSkin Clinic.

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