The medical benefits of cryotherapy - MedSkin Clinic | Chesterfield, Newark and NottinghamCryotherapy is one of the many treatments that aesthetic clinics use to treat skin imperfections. It is commonly associated with the removal of moles, warts, skin tags and verrucae, but unlike some aesthetic rejuvenation treatments, it is also used in hospital surgery.

Hospitals use cryotherapy as a pain treatment for freezing a small localised area of skin. The freeze action deadens problem-causing nerves. Its use has also been extended to treating some cancers. Prostate cancer is one such example. When used as a treatment for cancer, it is referred to as cryosurgery.

Cryotherapy for treating injury pain

In its most basic form, cryotherapy can be used to treat local areas of pain with aerosol sprays or ice packs. It’s the sort of thing you can see at football matches and other sporting events when a player suffers an injury.

Once upon a time, trainers used to rush onto the field of play with their buckets to treat an injured player.

Today, players are taken off the field to allow games to continue while the treatment is administered.

Whole-body cryotherapy

One of the latest developments in the use of cryotherapy, (the literal meaning of which is “cold therapy”) is whole-body cryotherapy. It involves exposing your body to extremely cold temperatures for short periods; typically, between two and four minutes. Your head remains outside the body chamber at normal room temperature for the duration of the process.

The theory behind whole-body cryotherapy is that exposure to extreme cold temperature for a short period of time can offer several health benefits. These benefits include faster recovery after exercise; helping to treat rheumatic conditions including arthritis, the treatment of frozen shoulder, and general pain reduction with illnesses like fibromyalgia. It can also improve the condition of people with multiple sclerosis.

Some studies have also shown that whole-body cryotherapy can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression and boost your immune system.

Cryotherapy in the aesthetics sector

In the aesthetics sector, cryotherapy treatments to remove skin lesions such as moles, warts, skin tags and verrucae, should only ever be carried out by highly trained nurses. The treatments themselves are fast and painless, lasting only a few seconds. An entire appointment takes about 15 minutes as it includes a small consultation.

If you are considering cryotherapy for aesthetic reasons, it is important to choose the right clinic – one where it is guaranteed that only properly trained nurses will carry out the procedure. Why not select us here at Medskin? You will be in the safest of hands. We have clinics in Chesterfield, Derby, Mansfield and Nottingham.

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