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Three ways you could inadvertently spread an untreated verruca - MedSkin ClinicA verruca is a small wart, usually found on the sole of the foot or around the toes. It’s typically unsightly to look at – but that isn’t the only downside of having one! If you have a verruca, then you should know that you’ll be highly infectious and liable to pass the virus onto another person. This is, of course, a big reason why you might want to have yours removed with cryotherapy. Let’s look at three ways you could inadvertently spread the virus if you have an untreated verruca.


Skin-to-skin contact is a major way in which you could spread your verruca. It doesn’t just have to happen if the infected area comes into contact with another person, but even if you have touched your verruca with your fingers and then come into contact with anyone else. This means that you become a risk to anyone in your personal or professional life if you have an untreated verruca.


A surface can become contaminated if it’s come into contact with your verruca, particularly if this area is wet. This is why the likes of showers and public swimming pools can be amongst the main places where people first catch the virus that causes a verruca. In terms of your bathroom, this means you are a constant risk to your family if you have an untreated verruca.


You shouldn’t scratch or pick a verruca. Why? Well, it could mean further contamination – and you’ll most likely be the victim. If you break the skin of a verruca, it only becomes more likely that you could end up developing further warts. These could be dotted around your feet or even consolidated to a single cluster around the initial verruca. Of course, once you have more than one untreated verruca it only increases your chances of spreading the virus to others.

Don’t chance it!

The only way to guarantee that you can’t cause others to develop a verruca is to get rid of yours. You can do this by using cryotherapy. This treatment is safe, quick and can be carried out by the medical professionals at MedSkin Clinic.

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