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Lip Filler

Lips lose definition and fullness over time. Lip filler can replace lost volume, give definition along with enhancing balance in this area.

Your lips will be soft to the touch without looking as if they’ve been “done”. Treatments given over a period of time will allow you to build up your desired look to create lips that you’ll love.

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Our lip filler treatment consists of microinjections of Hyaluronic Acid. This is a completely natural compound that is produced by the body, particularly in the skin to maintain hydration by locking onto sources of moisture whilst also improving plumpness. By injecting small amounts into the lips, we can help them appear fuller and more hydrated, helping you achieve your desired look.

The key to lip filler treatment is ensuring that it is done in stages. At all times, we want our customers to leave looking natural. We have all seen bad examples of lip fillers on celebrities and we never want our clients to have that experience. This means in some cases if you are wanting that fuller look, we may have to take a more gradual approach over a couple of treatments to achieve this. We will work with you from the outset to achieve the lips that you want and will always advise just how far we can take it in one treatment without your lips appearing artificial, as the end result is incredibly important to us.

Many people worry about the pain that they might feel whilst we administer injections to the lips. We can assure you that our clinicians are fully trained and that they know exactly how to perform injections in the most pain-free way possible. We also apply a numbing gel before treatment to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. It is important to us that lip filler treatment isn’t something that you dread and that it actually becomes an experience that you can enjoy. You should be aware that there might be some swelling after the procedure but this will go down within 24 hours, leaving you free to enjoy the results of your treatment.

Treatments will need to be repeated every 6 to 12 months in order to keep up the desired lip size and to build up lip size during initial treatments. Once you see your new fuller pout and get to experience our excellent service, however, we’re sure you will be excited about coming back for your next treatment.

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