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Three reasons to remove your skin tag with cryotherapy - MedSkin Clinic | Chesterfield, Newark and NottinghamSkin tags are small growths that develop on the surface of the skin. Having the capacity to vary in size and colour, the larger ones can sometimes measure up to 5cm. There are many reasons why people get skin tags in the first place, including underlying health problems and increased friction after weight gain. They can go away on their own – but why wait? Cryotherapy is the answer you’re looking for. This is a procedure in which low-temperature nitrous oxide is applied to the area, in the process freezing the tag and making it easier to remove. Let’s look at three reasons why you should remove your skin tag with cryotherapy.


A skin tag isn’t your standard imperfection. Instead, it can be glaringly obvious and also shaped like other conditions. In particular, many can have the appearance of a wart. Due to this, one is often enough to bring on self-consciousness and an overall dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. This just isn’t right, especially when it’s possible to remove a skin tag with a quick and safe procedure.


While skin tags aren’t uncomfortable by nature, external factors can cause them to be very painful. This is most likely to happen when clothing is pressed against them or when they are accidentally caught, perhaps by one’s own hand. The discomfort can be distracting and people often end up devoting a degree of time and effort to ensure it doesn’t happen.


It’s true that skin tags can fall off on their own if they’re either deprived of blood supply or if the tissue becomes twisted, but there’s no telling when this can happen. It could be months, years or never. In addition, if one falls off without cryotherapy it can actually lead to a rather embarrassing situation, especially if surrounded by other people when it happens.

What will you do?

You’re taking back control of your body when you use cryotherapy to remove your skin tag. Therefore, what are you waiting for? MedSkin Clinic has a team of medical professionals just waiting to help, so be sure to get in touch for more information.

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