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Beeston Skin Tag Removal and Botox in Nottingham

MedSkin Clinic offers friendly, effective, safe, affordable and professional nurse-led cosmetic and medical aesthetics from our three aesthetic clinics in Chesterfield, Newark and Nottingham.

Our treatments include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, thread lifts, skin peels, cryotherapy and laser hair removal. Our aim is to reveal a new, younger-looking you. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with complete continuity of care and peace of mind. Our highly qualified and medically experienced nurses and medical aestheticians perform all aspects of the treatment cycle. We can even help you by spreading the cost over 2-6 months. For more information about our services and to book your free consultation, call us on 0330 113 2640 or text us on 07537 416110.

Aesthetic and Beauty Treatments Chesterfield, Newark and Lincoln

We have part time fully qualified nurses in surrounding areas including West Bridgford, Lincoln and Leicester to keep up with the fact that the demand for aesthetic treatments is growing, and that growth is only going to continue to increase. In fact, it has been estimated that globally, aesthetics will grow each year by nearly 11% from 2016 to 2021.

We offer the following aesthetic and beauty services:

… to name a small selection.

Technological advancements in beauty services

Canada has reported seeing the industry grow between 15 and 20% in a year, and in the United States growth of up to 40% has been reported. The countries that are large users of facial aesthetics include Brazil, Japan, South Korea and Germany, but the UK, Europe and the Middle East are fast catching them up. So, what has led to this recent boom?

There have been a number of theories put forward as to why treatments have become much more popular, and continue to grow in popularity, in recent years, and in fact when you start to consider them all together the dramatic growth seems obvious.

Firstly, there has been a huge growth in the types of treatments available. It is no longer a case of aesthetic treatments being “one size fits all”, but rather that it offers specific solutions to address patients’ specific needs. Different types of treatments are now available depending on a patient’s age, skin type, background and more. A large part of this is due to technology and technological advancements in recent years, allowing for there to be a much great range of products available.

The growth in technological advancements also now means that aesthetic treatments are much safer, more successful and more effective than they used to be, thus giving people more confidence when choosing a treatment. People might previously have felt that if they had aesthetic treatments, such as Botox, it would be obvious that they had done so as they wouldn’t look natural, and the aim was very much to look young and beautiful but that they looked like that naturally and as a result of minimal effort.

People choosing aesthetic treatments now are also sometimes people who might previously have opted for cosmetic surgery instead. In fact, it is now the case that the results of aesthetic treatments are as good as the results of surgical treatments, so why would you choose to “go under the knife” if a solution can be provided that is much quicker, easier and simpler than surgery, and is also far less invasive. In fact, most aesthetic treatments really are minimally invasive. But not only does this appeal to people who might previously have opted for surgery, but it also appeals to those who would never have considered surgery, because unlike cosmetic surgery it is quick, it is easy, and to put it quite simply just isn’t as scary.

It is also a short-term solution. In other words, the effects of aesthetic treatments are not permanent, unlike with surgery. This therefore means that if you decide that your new look isn’t for you, you won’t be like that forever, whereas changing the effects of cosmetic surgery is a lot more difficult. Aesthetic treatment compared to cosmetic surgery is a bit like having a transfer compared to having a tattoo!

The growth in technology, products and knowledge has also fuelled the growth in medical professionals seeking to work in advanced aesthetics. It is no longer something just being offered in the backs of beauty salons, but is instead being carried out by qualified nurses who are specially trained and have a great deal of medical knowledge and experience. Here at MedSkin for example, our nurses have over 75 years of medical experience between them. Knowing that the treatments are being provided by qualified and experienced medical professionals and aestheticians gives people much more confidence to have the treatments carried out.

It is also the case that we as consumers of products and services all have a lot more information and knowledge at our finger tips now, largely fuelled by the growth of the internet and of smartphones, meaning that if we have a problem that makes us feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or lacking confidence in how we look (such as having a wrinkle, a mole or a scar) then we can easily go online to find out how we can remedy it. In other words, more and more people are increasingly becoming aware of the options available to them. They know that they don’t just have to live with it.

Another big factor is the fact that popular celebrities are happy to admit that they use aesthetic treatments too – for example, Kylie Jenner’s use of lip fillers has done a huge amount to increase the popularity of the treatment. Add to this that you no longer have to wait for the latest copy of your favourite magazine to come out in order to find out what key celebrities are up to – you can now easily follow them daily on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram – thus allowing fans much easier access to celebrities and much greater knowledge of them.

The use of cosmetic aesthetics by celebrities has played a big part in making aesthetic treatments socially acceptable. This is something that we will look at in more depth in a separate article, but having aesthetic treatments has certainly become much more socially acceptable in the last ten years than it previously was, so there has been a big cultural shift in a relatively short period of time that has meant that there is now no longer a stigma attached to seeking out help. Because of this, women in particular are much more comfortable and confident about talking to their friends about the treatments they’ve had. Whereas in the past women might have not admitted that they’d had Botox, now if asked they will happily give away their secret to their friends and family members, and when those people see how good the results are, they want to benefit from it themselves.

Another factor is that it has now become much more normal for men to have aesthetic treatments as well as women. Whereas previously enhanced facial aesthetics might have been considered as something for women only, now more and more men are seeking out aesthetic treatments in order to look younger, to have better looking and feeling skin, or to remove unsightly hair. In effect, this opens up the market to the other 50% of the population, meaning that there is still plenty of scope for aesthetic cosmetics to keep on growing.

It is also increasingly recognised that many aesthetic treatments also have other health benefits, but ones which the NHS are unable to provide or to help with. For example, Botox helps with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and with migraines, and with government cuts over recent years meaning that people are unable to access these treatments through the NHS, more people are being referred to private aesthetic clinics to see if they can help instead.

Finally, if ever there was pressure on people to look good, and to continue looking good for longer, it is now. Long gone are the days when you might have a disposable camera and only use it to take photos on special occasions or holidays. Now, our phones are also our cameras, and we are constantly taking snaps, sometimes hundreds a day, and sharing them on social media with our friends and followers. Our faces are constantly being photographed and shown to people, so more than ever before, we feel that we need to look at our best.

Add all of the factors above to the fact that we’re all living longer, and it really isn’t any surprise that there has been such a dramatic growth in the number of people seeking out aesthetic treatments, and that the numbers are expected to continue to rise for many more years to come.

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