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Three hidden side effects of excess ear wax - MedSkin ClinicIt’s true that you can suffer from severe hearing problems if you have excess ear wax. This can actually make it difficult to communicate with friends, family and colleagues at work. Loss of hearing is, of course, a horrible byproduct of having excess ear wax – and unfortunately, it’s far from the only side effect you can expect to face. This is all the more reason to consider ear wax removal, which can be via the likes of micro-suction or irrigation. Let’s have a look at three side effects you could face if you don’t act.


Patients often describe the sensation of their ears feeling clogged when dealing with excess wax. This won’t just cause sounds to be muffled, but can also be rather uncomfortable – in some cases painful. This is often accompanied by an impulse to touch the area, which sadly can only accelerate the problem. After all, you risk giving yourself an ear infection if you routinely put your fingers near your ears.


The ears actually serve a vital function when it comes to maintaining a person’s balance. Unfortunately, their ability to do this is jeopardised when they are full of wax. The ears can struggle to equalise the pressure, in the process making a person feel dizzy. This won’t necessarily make you lose your footing but is more likely to leave you feeling ill and possibly make you vomit.


It can be terribly frustrating to have excess ear wax, particularly when it comes with so many side effects. As a result, there often arises a new side effect: stress. You might find it hard to concentrate, sleep or stick to a healthy diet if you’re worried about your ears and when they will finally be fully functioning again.

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Medskin Clinic has a team of trained medical professionals who will be able to remove your excess ear wax. You don’t, of course, have to wait for all these side effects to take action. If you’re keen for more information on the procedures available to you, be sure to get in touch.

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