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The Benefits of Earwax Removal - MedSkin ClinicIt’s easy to take things for granted. Many of us may think about the way we look and how to keep our bodies healthy, but have you ever stopped and thought about your ears? We often don’t consider them until they start hurting – which can happen once winter sets in! With colds flying around and the wind whipping through our hats, you might finally decide it’s time to do something to help your ears out.

Something as simple as excess wax build-up can cause pain, hearing loss, and dizziness. Have you been asking people to speak up a little more lately? Tiring of your friends and family making jokes about collecting your pension early? This might be why!

Why does it happen?

Earwax often builds up – some people may produce more than others, or it may increase after an infection or injury to the eardrum. Normally earwax should fall out by itself, but sometimes it stubbornly refuses and you have to do something about it. Home remedies such as a few drops of almond or olive oil might not always cut it, and can be inconvenient, without offering a long-term solution.

Just say no to cotton buds!

We’ve all seen earwax come away on our earphones, or scratched an itch and come away with a lump of yellow wax. The temptation is always to reach for the cotton buds – everyone uses them, right? In fact, these can be incredibly damaging, pushing wax deeper into your ear canal. You should also try and refrain from putting your fingers in your ears, as bacteria on your hands can cause infections. And keep the cotton buds for makeup removal.

Speak up!

If you’re suffering from muffled hearing, don’t despair in silence. You might not need to get your hearing checked, just your ear canals. Earwax removal is an easy and painless procedure that could improve your hearing and rid you of troublesome earaches. Offered at our Chesterfield clinic, this simple process could give you a bright new outlook. Not to mention you’ll be hearing (and yes, you’ll actually hear them!) far less jokes about old age setting in!

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