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Thread Vein Removal Derby

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Thread (spider) veins: how to treat them

Ever looked down and noticed a tiny little purple vein has appeared on your leg? This is a thread vein, more commonly known as a spider vein, and they’re easier to treat than you think.

Thread veins: where, when and how?

Thread veins can be found anywhere on the body, but are most commonly found on your legs or the nose. Thread veins appear when small amounts of blood come together in the veins near the surface of your skin, and you’re more likely to suffer from thread veins if it runs in the family; you’re obese; have suffered from trauma or you’ve recently had a drastic fluctuation in hormone levels. For example, women who are over 30 and pregnant are typically more susceptible to thread veins.

It’s important that you don’t confuse thread veins with varicose veins, which are both more visible (larger) and more serious. Varicose veins occur due to high blood pressure, which can happen when an individual is pregnant, overweight, constipated, or has a tumour. It’s important that you see your GP if you suspect a varicose vein.

Treating thread veins: IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

Thankfully, if you have thread veins, treatment is available through IPL: Intense Pulse Light. As we say on our treatment page, ‘IPL works by targeting specific skin cells with a wavelength of different light energies. This light energy is converted into heat energy which works to destroy the cell

This process is rarely painful and an easy procedure for those concerned with the appearance of their thread veins if they’re especially prominent. It’s also a very efficient treatment process, often taking under an hour without downtime, ensuring you can fit your IPL treatment in with your day without hassle, unlike some far more invasive medical procedures.

A course of IPL treatment will dramatically reduce the visibility of your thread veins. IPL is also used as a hair removal treatment, so it’s worth asking about this too if you’re concerned about any excess body hair.

Contact the MedSkin Clinic today to find out more about how our IPL procedure with our friendly team of professionals can help treat your thread veins.

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Derby Thread Vein RemovalDerby Thread Vein removal – How can intense pulse light (IPL) help you? – Visible veins rosacea and more

Intense pulse light uses high-intensity pulses of light to remove the appearance of a variety of skin problems. In working with the same principle as lasers, the light is absorbed to target cells and then converted into heat energy, removing unwanted cells; these would be the cells causing the skin problems. Unlike lasers, IPL delivers many wavelengths in each pulse which makes it more refined for specific areas.

IPL for visible veins

IPL can reduce the appearance of thread veins and broken red veins quickly and with very low risk. The light energy from IPL is absorbed by problem blood vessels and heats up, destroying them. The vessels for the visible veins then clear and will no longer be visible on the skin as they are reabsorbed back into the body. Treatment is suitable for most skin types, but You will see the biggest improvements on fair skin, where visible veins are more likely to stand out in the first place.

IPL for rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition with unknown causes and can cause people with it to become self-conscious. IPL therapy is a quick and gentle way to lessen the visibility of rosacea with just 3-5 sessions. The strong wavelengths of light constrict the blood cells, which reduces the flushed look that comes with rosacea. You can see a noticeable improvement just a few days after your first session.

IPL for hair removal

If suffering from unwanted hair, IPL can help, with minimal downtime for you. The light from the treatment can travel through to the lower layers of skin until it meets the root of the hair. Then the bulb absorbs the light and turns it into heat energy, destroying the hair root. The treatment’s effectiveness depends on hair and skin type, with the most effective combination being dark hair and fair skin.

IPL therapy is a fast way to reduce the appearance of a variety of skin problems. It is painless and has minimal risk, so it’s no wonder so many people choose to try it. If you want to find out if IPL is right for you then book your FREE consultation now. Call us on 03301 132 2640  or send us a message online. If you prefer to book via text you can on 07537 416 110. 

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