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Port-wine Stains and Skin Confidence - MedSkin ClinicEveryone has their own definition of beauty. Each of us is unique and we all have our own ways of looking and feeling our best. Some opt for the natural look, while others feel sensational when glammed up for the day. And many of us have birthmarks, big or small. Have you been covering yours up? Or do you have a port-wine stain, which defies even the most powerful makeup in your collection?

All about birthmarks

Port-wine stains are a type of vascular birthmark, which is caused by a malformation of blood vessels. While this happens under the skin, the result is that your skin appears dark red.

Most port-wine stains are benign, and they affect around 1 in 300 hundred children. While you should check in with a doctor about your skin health, your birthmark shouldn’t impact your physical wellbeing. But if you have been trying to cover yours up and aren’t feeling confident, it may be worth thinking about a more permanent option.

Can you remove your birthmark?

In short, port-wine stains cannot be fully removed. However, there are options for reducing the likelihood of yours darkening or changing texture over time. You can use laser treatment to help fade your birthmark. With several laser sessions, your port-wine stain will be reduced so you can cover it more easily, should you want to.

Be skin confident!

If you choose not to undergo treatment to fade your birthmark, it is still vitally important to take care of your skin. This can also help you to feel much more confident, with or without makeup. Wearing sunscreen daily (even in the colder months!), keeping up a dedicated skincare routine, and having a facial chemical peel can all help to roll back the years and keep your skin looking its best. Make sure you drink plenty of water too, which is vital for keeping your complexion dewy and fresh.

Remember, what makes you unique is really special – even on your bad days. Make the best of your beauty in a way that keeps you feeling fantastic. We’re always here to help!

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