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Skin Tag Removal Beeston and Nottingham

Having any kind of skin imperfection can have a truly negative impact upon your mental health. You may be self-conscious about that wart on your face that you have tried to cover with make-up but to no effect. One cosmetic procedure that is successful in the removal of facial warts and skin tags is cryotherapy. This is a procedure in which low-temperature nitrous oxide is applied to the area, in the process freezing the tag and making it easier to remove in a matter of seconds.

A skin tag is a flesh-coloured growth which can appear on numerous body parts. In particular, people are most likely to discover them on either their neck or armpits. While generally unsightly to look at, they aren’t usually harmful – which is why people aren’t always in a rush to have one removed. However, you shouldn’t wait to get rid of yours with cryotherapy.

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Cryotherapy – What is it? Is treatment hot or cold or painful?

Cryotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that uses extremely low temperatures to treat any skin imperfections. Nitrous oxide is directed onto the part of skin that needs to be treated via a fine tool that uses high pressure. It’s not painful, as all you will feel is a cold sensation. The skin imperfection is frozen and destroyed while healthy skin is left unaffected.

How long will a skin tag removal take and is it invasive?

The procedure is very quick and will only take a matter of seconds. It will take longer to settle into the surgery’s chair. This means that you can easily fit a session into your lunch hour. No needles are needed, meaning that you can carry on with daily life.

Let’s look at three signs that you shouldn’t wait to experience before deciding to remove your skin tag.

Cryotherapy – Skin Tag Removal Reasons

Cryotherapy for warts and skin tags - MedSkin Clinic

Infection and pain from accidental knocks

You could pierce your skin tag if you accidentally snag it against something. This will most likely hurt – but it’s what could happen next which should really worry you. Your skin tag could become infected, possibly meaning it changes colour, size or makes you feel generally unwell. This can happen to even the most careful of individuals, perhaps when they’re simply getting changed for work in the morning.

Anxiety and feeling self conscious

Sadly, it can take just one innocent comment about your skin tag for you to feel extremely self-conscious in your own skin. It might come from a seemingly innocuous person, but the fact that someone has clocked onto your growth could lead you to question whether it’s something that others can’t but help but notice. The outcome could mean that you’re suffering from degrees of anxiety because of your skin tag.

Uncomfortable pain from snagging

Unfortunately, you can experience long-lasting pain from your skin tag if it’s been snagged or rubbed a lot. In some cases, this could be the result of a small blood clot that occurs when the area has been irritated. The uncomfortable sensation will vary from person to person, but it’s still one that you’ll want to avoid when you’ve got an option such as cryotherapy. If you don’t, the pain could interfere with both your personal and professional life.

Cryotherapy for Skin Tags

Cryotherapy for warts and skin tags - MedSkin ClinicSkin tags are technically small growths that develop on the surface of the skin which having the capacity to vary in size and colour, the larger ones can sometimes measure up to 5cm. There are many reasons why people get skin tags in the first place, including underlying health problems and increased friction after weight gain. They can go away on their own – but why wait? Cryotherapy is the answer you’re looking for.

Physical Appearance is improved by removal

A skin tag isn’t your standard imperfection. Instead, it can be glaringly obvious and also shaped like other conditions. In particular, many can have the appearance of a wart. Due to this, one is often enough to bring on self-consciousness and an overall dissatisfaction with one’s appearance. This just isn’t right, especially when it’s possible to remove a skin tag with a quick and safe procedure.

Comfort and pain free

While skin tags aren’t uncomfortable by nature, external factors can cause them to be very painful. This is most likely to happen when clothing is pressed against them or when they are accidentally caught, perhaps by one’s own hand. The discomfort can be distracting and people often end up devoting a degree of time and effort to ensure it doesn’t happen.

What will you do?

It’s true that skin tags can fall off on their own if they’re either deprived of blood supply or if the tissue becomes twisted, but there’s no telling when this can happen. It could be months, years or never. In addition, if one falls off without cryotherapy it can actually lead to a rather embarrassing situation, especially if surrounded by other people when it happens. You’re taking back control of your body when you use cryotherapy to remove your skin tag. Therefore, what are you waiting for? MedSkin Clinic has a team of medical professionals just waiting to help

Treatment for warts and skin tags

Warts and skin tags can both be treated with the use of cryotherapy. Other skin conditions, such as age spots and viral verrucae can also be tackled with this technology. It really is a safe, versatile and life-changing cosmetic procedure that has a positive effect on mental health.

Are the results long lasting? YES

Having made the decision to have cryotherapy treatment, then will this be long lasting? Will you need further treatment? The good news is that once that wart or skin tag has been removed then no further treatment will be needed. It is also very rare for a wart to regrow in the same area.

If you would like to know more about cryotherapy for wart removal, then please do get in touch with us today or call in to see us at one of our clinics in Nottingham, Mansfield, Derby and Chesterfield for your free consultation.

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