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The benefits of a facial peel - MedSkin Clinic

Endless research has been done into the importance of protecting and nourishing our largest organ: the skin. In addition to being the largest, the skin is also our body’s most visible organ, meaning that a certain degree of vanity is involved in its maintenance. We enter nearly any situation face first, with that initial impression potentially colouring our view of each other before any words are even exchanged. In other words, the skin on your face is particularly important in any healthy regime.

While daily suncream application and a nightly skincare regime are both important parts of standard skin maintenance, there are less frequent procedures that can also be done to breathe life into your pores. One common option, offered at MedSkin, is a facial peel. As well as addressing acne scarring or other small blemishes, a peel has the ability to produce anti-ageing effects, as it rejuvenates the skin of your face on multiple levels.

What does a skin peel do?

In simple terms, a medical-grade skin peel dissolves the connection that holds dead skin cells together on the skin’s surface. The ingredients in each peel can vary, but they can contain acids (glycolic, salicylic, lactic, mandelic or trichloroacetic) that exfoliate the damaged layer of skin while stimulating the production of new, fresh cells. Not only will your skin appear fresher and better nourished directly after the peel, but over the coming weeks, it will continue to develop and grow even healthier and more vibrant. In a way, a skin peel is the best of both worlds – its results are both instant and gradual.

Ultimately, the type of peel that you choose depends on your needs. You can work with your desired practitioner to analyse your own skin and determine the treatment that will target your personal problem areas. This could include wrinkles, acne and uneven pigmentation. In any case, a facial peel would cause a small degree of tingling or itching as it is being applied. Once removed, all discomfort should vanish. Although nothing lasts forever, a strategic course of peels can create the foundation for a lifetime of stunning skin.

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