Many of us suffer from warts at some point in our life. But when warts appear on the face then many people can feel embarrassed and self-conscious. There are many over the counter treatments that can be used to tackle warts, but these aren’t always successful. One popular treatment choice that has grown in popularity is that of cryotherapy. Below we explain more about warts, what cryotherapy is and how it can be used to remove warts.

Wart removal with cryotherapy - MedSkin Clinic | Chesterfield, Newark and NottinghamWhat is a wart?

Warts are small growths of lumpy tissue. They are usually not painful although some can be itchy. Warts are incredibly common and can appear anywhere on the body. Flat warts can be seen on the face, particularly the forehead. Common warts can be seen mainly on the hands.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy treatment involves the use of incredibly cold nitrous oxide to freeze warts and other benign skin lesions. The highly pressurised nitrous oxide is delivered to the targeted area of skin via a device known as a cryopen.

Will this treatment hurt?

Cryotherapy is not a painful treatment. Due to the fact that extremely cold nitrous oxide is applied to the wart, you may feel a slight tingling sensation, so you’ll be aware of what s happening, but it shouldn’t be painful.

Is cryotherapy safe?

All cosmetic procedures carry a small amount of risk and cryotherapy is no exception. However, these risks are minimal and cryotherapy is seen as a safe procedure. It should be noted that sometimes blisters or sores can form on the treatment site. All risks and side effects will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Will my wart grow back?

You may need several treatment sessions, particularity if you have many warts. However, in most cases common and flat warts will not grow back. Every individual is different and your clinician will discuss this issue with you.

Medskin Clinic can help you with wart removal. We have several clinics in the country including in Sheffield, Nottingham and Derby. To find out more about cryotherapy treatment and how we can help you, then please do call in to one of our clinics or give us a call today.

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