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Looking after your health is key for a happy, enjoyable life. Of course, this can take many forms, including following a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and dealing with skin problems like rosacea. One aspect of your health to keep an eye on is excess wax building up in your ears. While most people’s ears effectively self-clean to stop this happening, you may find that yours do not. Trying to remove hard or built-up wax at home is not advised as this could lead to further damage or blockages.

But what are the common signs which indicate you might need professional ear wax removal?

3 reasons to consider ear wax removal - MedSkin ClinicIssues with hearing

This is probably the biggest warning sign that you might have excess wax in your ear which needs removing properly. If you do not usually experience problems but find you are not hearing as well in one or both ears, it could well be ear wax that is the cause. As the wax blocks the ear, it makes it harder to hear properly and makes everything sound muffled or faint.

Fullness or pain in the ear

Another very common sign of excess wax is a full feeling in one or both ears. You might still hear ok but have a feeling that something is filling up the inside of your ear. This full feeling is due to the wax hardening and building up inside your ear canal over time. Any pain in your ears could also be a sign of excessive ear wax which needs removing.

Feelings of vertigo

Many people only associate vertigo with heights, but it is actually possible to feel it on the ground too. Vertigo is simply a feeling of being unbalanced which can be caused by pressure building up in the middle ear. It is not a nice feeling and can leave you nauseous or dizzy. Excess ear wax can cause this pressure to build up over time and thus is a possible cause of vertigo.

Ear wax removal at MedSkin Clinic

If you have any of the above symptoms, then you may need the ear wax which has built up over time professionally removing. Here at MedSkin Clinic, we have many years of experience completing this procedure and helping people eliminate built-up wax. Call today on 0330 113 2640 or fill in the message form on our site for more details.

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