There’s not much to like about acne scars. While most people have known this since their skin first flared up in their teenage years, others who have experienced adult-onset acne might have only discovered acne scars and the annoyance they cause more recently. But what can you do? Well, there are actually quite a few tricks at your disposal to banish the scars – none of which involve covering the affected areas with make-up. Let’s look at why make-up isn’t your friend and why you should consider taking action that’s more permanent, such as microneedling for acne scars.

Save Time

It can be so time-consuming covering your acne scars with the foundation and concealer. This is especially true in the morning when those precious minutes could surely be better used elsewhere. Plus, it is not an effective use of your time as makeup will not cover any indented scars left in the skin, unfortunately. Meanwhile, microneedling for scars uses tiny needles to stimulate collagen to fill the scars, and it can be carried out in short 45-minute sessions. Best of all? It’s possible to see the results of a dermaroller for acne scars just three to five days following the initial procedure.

Eliminate Irritation

Make-up can actually be detrimental for people prone to acne. This is because some commonly used ingredients can clog the pores in your skin and accelerate the bacteria that causes acne. Essentially, you’re only increasing the chance of developing additional acne and further scarring by using make-up. Therefore, it is easy to see how it makes sense to just quit covering your scars with make-up and take more reliable action, like microneedling or dermarolling.


The application of make-up can often hide a person’s true beauty and make them look synthetic. This, of course, isn’t a desirable outcome – especially when you can attain a more natural-looking appearance by ditching your make-up and undergoing microneedling or dermaroller for acne scars. The procedure is non-invasive and – as an added plus – has the power to knock years off your age due to its ability to tighten the skin where it’s begun to lose elasticity.

Why not try it today?

It doesn’t matter how many acne scars you have or whether they’re even noticeable to the naked eye. You can benefit from needling if you’re unhappy with the impact that acne’s had on your skin over the years. To find out more information about the procedure, get in touch with MedSkin Clinic.

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