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When is it time for a facial peel? - MedSkin ClinicWhen you wake up in the morning, does your skin have a dull, greyish appearance? A facial peel may help rejuvenate your skin. Skin peels are also advantageous for several other dermatological reasons.

To Give Your Skin a Boost

A facial peel removes a layer of skin cells to reveal the glowing, new cells underneath. Don’t worry: the cells exfoliated during the peel are all dead. Dead skin cells can lie on your body for up to 90 days depending on your age, and they can give the appearance of dull, lifeless skin. A facial peel every month or so gives glowing results.

To Reduce Acne Scarring

Scarring is a common complaint among clients. Scarring from acne is often long-lasting and cause for insecurity in many individuals. Removal of the top layer of skin can reduce the appearance of these scars making for a smoother complexion. Facial peels cause the skin cells to renew leading to longer-lasting benefits. Salicylic acid and glycolic acid peels have both shown to have significant effects on acne scars.

Anti-Ageing, Anti-Wrinkle Effects

A light peel can make a huge difference to crow’s feet, smoker’s wrinkles and other facial lines. The removal of the outer layer reveals the fresh, line-free skin layer. Should you have deeper lines, a stronger peel or a series of treatments can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Should you be uncomfortable with more invasion forms of wrinkle treatment, such as Botox, you may find a facial peel is more suitable for your needs.

Sun Damaged Skin

Skin peels can also help to reduce the effects of long-term sun damage. Although peels cannot take the place of preventative methods like sunscreen, they can help to reduce the effects of radiation on the skin. The removal of the top layer of skin forces the skin to rejuvenate, creating a new layer, glowing with health.

Facial peels are an extremely popular treatment due to the range of benefits. Additionally, the effects on your skin are noticeable immediately. You can arrange a peel for any area of the body, including common acne scarring areas like the back and shoulders.

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