What are facial peels and how do they work?

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In recent years, facial peels have become a popular method of skin rejuvenation. However, to those unfamiliar with the treatment, the idea of ‘peeling’ away the skin might sound intimidating. In reality, skin peels are a perfectly safe and virtually pain-free way of stripping away old skin and revealing the softer, smoother, brighter skin beneath.

Most modern facial peels consist of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or mandelic acid.

You might have heard of some of these ingredients before. That’s because ingredients like lactic acid are sold in skin products for daily use. In higher volumes, acids should be handled with care and only used by a trained professional.

The results of a skin peel will depend on which acids have been used. Peels are generally used to reduce the appearance of ageing, improve skin texture and clear up skin problems like acne.

Facial peels work by removing dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new cells. There are three different levels of skin peel: superficial, medium and deep.

While cosmetic procedures like Botox and dermal fillers have a more immediate anti-ageing effect, skin peels usually take two to three sessions to see a big difference to skin.

Facial peels can also be used to treat stubborn acne scarring and dull or blemished skin. People with these skin concerns see amazing results from the very first treatment.

Skin peels aren’t just used to treat the face – they can also be used on the back, shoulders, chest and buttocks to treat problems like spots and blemishes.

Patients might feel a slight burning or stinging sensation while the peeling solution is on the skin, but the treatment is generally not painful.

The side effects of a skin peel will depend on the type of skin peel used. Some patients will experience the sensation of tight skin wherever the peeling solution was applied, while others will have red or brown skin for a few days after the treatment.

Talk to a MedSkin Clinic professional skin therapist about your desired results to determine whether a skin peel is right for you. MedSkin Clinic’s esteemed nurses have a combined 100 years of experience with the NHS as registered nurses and independent nurse practitioners.

The Medskin team combine all their medical knowledge with a passion for providing Botox, dermal filler and medical skin peel treatments to offer all of our clients a truly unique aesthetic experience.

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