Having any kind of skin imperfection can have a truly negative impact upon your mental health. You may be self-conscious about that wart on your face that you have tried to cover with make-up but to no effect. One cosmetic procedure that is successful in the removal of facial warts and skin tags is cryotherapy. Below we explore what cryotherapy is, its benefits and how it can help you.

So, what is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that uses extremely low temperatures to treat any skin imperfections. Nitrous oxide is directed onto the part of skin that needs to be treated via a fine tool that uses high pressure. It’s not painful, as all you will feel is a cold sensation. The skin imperfection is frozen and destroyed while healthy skin is left unaffected.

How long will it take and is it invasive?

The procedure is very quick and will only take a matter of seconds. It will take longer to settle into the surgery’s chair. This means that you can easily fit a session into your lunch hour. No needles are needed, meaning that you can carry on with daily life.

Treatment for warts and skin tags

Warts and skin tags can both be treated with the use of cryotherapy. Other skin conditions, such as age spots and viral verrucae can also be tackled with this technology. It really is a safe, versatile and life-changing cosmetic procedure that has a positive effect on mental health.

Are the results long lasting?

Having made the decision to have cryotherapy treatment, then will this be long lasting? Will you need further treatment? The good news is that once that wart or skin tag has been removed then no further treatment will be needed. It is also very rare for a wart to regrow in the same area.

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