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Everything You Need to Know About Preventative Botox - MedSkin Clinic

Botox Nottingham and Beeston – Anti Wrinkle Treatments

As we age, our bodies go through a lot of change. Preventing the changes we don’t look forward to is just as important as embracing the ones we like. Wrinkles and fine lines are some of the changes no one looks forward to but do not worry because they are preventable. Here is everything you have ever wondered about preventative Botox.

What is Preventative Botox?

They are injections that prevent wrinkles before they start becoming visible. Fine lines are future wrinkles, and therefore preventative Botox should be done once you start noticing faint lines on your face.

Research has told us that our eyes are one of their first major areas to show signs of ageing. According to research, the skin around our eyes is 40 per cent thinner in this area than the rest of our face. From laughing, frowning, smiling and crying – our eyes go through a lot; resulting in fine lines or ‘crows-feet’ appearing at the side of each eye. Crow’s feet develop over time because of tiny muscle contractions that happen every time you make a facial expression.

Nottingham Botox Nurse-Led Treatments

Another sign of age are crow’s feet, or Laughter Lines. There are various different treatments available for all types of crows feet, so there is bound to be one that suits you best, allowing you to have your crow’s feet reversed temporarily. So how can you prevent crow’s feet?

This is where Medskin Clinic is here to help you. Medskin Clinic offers a range of services to help prevent these lines from appearing, leaving you feeling youthful and confident.

Ageing Skin and Botox FAQ

For best results for this particular request, we would recommend using Botox to dissolve your Crows Feet. Many wonder, what does Botox actually entail? Botox works by blocking the release of acetylcholine, a chemical needed for muscle contraction. This is typically injected into the muscle band of each eye, to prevent the lines from returning. By stopping contraction, the creases and wrinkles temporarily disappear. When using Botox injections for crow’s feet, the injections relax muscles surrounding your eye corners, so that the skin around your eye smooths out. The effects may be especially noticeable when you laugh. This treatment allows eyes to appear more youthful, and usually delivers results lasting almost four months.

Despite rumours, Botox will not keep you from making facial expressions or give you an ‘icy’ expression – in fact, it’s the opposite! It simply targets those muscles around the eyes that are causing the crow’s feet, and not the rest of your face.

If you feel like Botox could be the best route for you, why not book a free consolation at one of our Medskin Clinic’s based in Chesterfield, Newark and Nottingham?

What is the appropriate age to get it done?

Anyone in their late twenties and early thirties is a good candidate for preventative Botox, but there is no specific age to start. If you are unsure of whether you need preventative Botox or not, consult a doctor for advice.

What to expect from your first treatment?

After examination, the procedure should not take longer than thirty minutes. The injections are not painful at all, so you should be fine if you have low pain tolerance. Once you get the injections, it will take a few days before you see any visible results. Botox is absorbed very slowly, so give it time to settle in.

How long do the results last?

If you did not like the results you got, you will be happy to know that the results are temporary. The body metabolises the injections, and therefore in three to four months, the effects are reversed. If you liked the results you got, you could get the injections again. To maintain the results and for maximum wrinkle prevention, it is recommended that you get Botox three to four times a year.

It is also important to note that lines caused by sun exposure cannot be fixed with preventative Botox.

What areas should I target?

Similar to regular Botox injections, doctors target the area between your eyebrows, forehead, and the area next to the crow’s feet. Areas around the mouth and jawline have more risks involved, so ensure that you get a licenced and experienced doctor to do it.

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