3 top tips for making dermal fillers last

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If you’ve had dermal fillers before, or are looking to get them, you probably know that they don’t last forever. This can be a drawback for a lot of people and many of us wish we could make them last longer, so you might be surprised to know that you can! Taking care of your lip fillers is a large part of making them last longer, but there are certain areas to take extra care with. If you’re tired of your dermal fillers not lasting, then read these 3 top tips on how to extend their life!

1) Skincare

Many of us already have skincare routines that our skin loves, but you may not know that it is just as important for your dermal fillers. One such important product is a moisturiser which is pumped full of hyaluronic acid, locking in moisture. It also helps to keep the skin hydrated and plump looking, improving the efficacy of fillers such as Juvederm. This is why skincare rich with hyaluronic acid is key to helping your fillers last longer. A good suggestion is to talk to your surgeon to get skincare recommendations on what to get and what to avoid.

2) Sun safety

It is always important to keep sun-safe, but especially while you have fillers. The sun speeds up the ageing process which is why it’s one of the main contributors to having wrinkles. Not only this, but UV rays are known to break down fillers more rapidly. It is suggested you reduce the time you spend in the sun, so if you exercise try going out when the sun is at its lowest, wear a hat and always use sun protection.

3) Nutrition

Nutrition is key to all things health. A healthy diet is linked to radiant and clear skin and a good immune system, so this is also true for taking care of your lip fillers and making them last longer! Pay particular attention to your diet and make sure it is packed full of whole foods such as lean proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables. It’s key to avoid junk, fast and processed foods as this can cause inflammation in the body and inflammations are known to speed up the metabolising of injections.

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