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Wrinkles are often seen as the definitive sign of ageing. But why does our skin change as we get older, developing fine lines and folds?

It’s about what’s underneath

The first wrinkles we notice are usually in places which move frequently, hence lines where you smile (or frown!). But, as we get older, the main reason we develop lines and creases on our skin is that our skin becomes more fragile and less elastic. The fat levels in the deeper parts of our skin decrease, meaning the skin becomes looser and lines become more apparent, and the skin stops producing as much oil leading to a dry, crepe-like appearance.Why we get wrinkles – and how you can tackle them - MedSkin Clinic

Sun, sun, sun

The other key factor in developing wrinkles is sun damage. Skin that is exposed to the sun more frequently – such as on the face, hands, and chest – is much more likely to develop wrinkles, as the ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the sun break down the connective tissue holding our skin taut. UV light speeds the ageing process of the skin, causing pigmentation and damage, which is why wearing sunscreen every day is so important. Even in a cooler climate, it can help maintain a youthful complexion and – most importantly – prevent more serious skin damage.

I already have wrinkles – how do I fix them?

Luckily, there are a number of ways that trained aestheticians can help you tackle skin that’s showing its age. Anti-wrinkle injections can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines in a number of ways. Botox, for example, helps relax the muscles which contribute to crow’s feet or frown lines, allowing the lines to soften and reduce the furrowed effect. Medskin Clinic offers a number of types of Botox injection, including Azzalure and Xeomin, to make sure that your nurse-led treatment leaves you with the desired effect – and the results can be truly remarkable.

Elsewhere on the body, you may be worried about a less-than-youthful looking décolletage. Here, dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid can help gently plump the skin cells, providing deep hydration and creating smoother, younger-appearing skin.

So while they might be a natural sign of ageing, wrinkles don’t mean your skin is a lost cause. A consultation with our medically trained team will help you find the right treatment to restore vitality and freshness to your skin.

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