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The Lyma Wand: Why Doing It Yourself Isn't the Future - MedSkin ClinicIt sounds like something in the vein of The Jetsons or perhaps Barbarella. The new Lyma wand, as you may have heard, is supposed to allow you to remove wrinkles at home. But does it live up to the hype?

Some kind of ‘laser’

Unlike previous beauty technology that has mainly focused on using make-up to cover up acne, hide rosacea, and other temporary solutions, Lyma processes to bring something new to the proverbial table: permanent changes using lasers.

Any previous home laser treatments have only been useful for leg hair removal, due to the relatively weak strength of the lasers approved for home use. The Lyma laser, however, has the power of a ‘hospital strength laser’ but is safe, due to the use of ‘diffusion technology’.

Does it work?

So is this new solution better than traditional wrinkle removing injections? Well, it’s certainly nowhere near as fast. Getting a Botox injection will usually show lasting results after about three or four days. Lyma, on the other hand, only begins to show ‘slight’ results until after three weeks of twice-daily treatment. At this point, lines might start to ‘soften’, rather than disappear. Treatment involves shining the laser pen over your face and needs to be worked into your daily routine for at least fifteen minutes – twice a day.

Better than needles?

The wand is supposed to work in a way similar to the proven method of needling treatment. Needling works by stimulating the level of collagen in your cells to prevent and reverse wrinkling. Needling has a famously effective rate of success, however, while the Lyma wand is still only in the early stages.

How much?

You might want to sit down for this. Getting a ‘starter kit’ for the Lyma wand will set you back a staggering £1,999! The wand then needs monthly refills at around £149 to keep working.

Compare that to botox, where a single area treatment will cost as little as £130 and add to that the professionalism you get with all nurse-led treatments. Payment for treatment can, of course, also be spread across months with 0% interests.

Botox is better!

Not only is botox considerably cheaper but has a range of tried and tested benefits. As well as eliminating wrinkles in days, botox stops excessive sweating and reduces migraines. If you’d rather trust your beauty to experienced professionals than unproven tech (at a fraction of the price!), then make an appointment for a consultation today!

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