The décolletage is a part of the body many people only ever consider in passing. For skincare enthusiasts, however, this is one of the most important areas of the body. Many people cleanse and moisturise daily, without ever paying attention to the skin on their neck and chest. The décolletage is one of the areas French beauty specialists focus on the most, a beauty secret that keeps them young and refreshed. So, why is the skin on the neck and chest so important?


The décolletage is an area of the body often exposed to the sun and harsh UV rays. According to skincare experts, most of the damage from the sun happens during the teenage and early adult years. The skin in the chest area is one of the most exposed areas and therefore suffers severe sun damage over time. Most women rely on makeup containing SPF as protection from the sun’s rays, however, in most cases, they do not blend it down to their necks to prevent damage.


The décolletage area is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing. This is because the skin in the chest and neck area is very thin. It has less subcutaneous glands and melanocytes than the rest of the body. These are the areas that give the skin its colour and prevent damage from the sun’s UV rays. Ageing signs do not only come from the sun’s rays. Apparently, sleeping on one’s side also results in sleep wrinkles, which almost always show up on the chest and neck area.


Even for those who know about the importance of the décolletage, it is an easily forgettable area. Most users either forget or do not know how to cleanse the area properly. This is especially dangerous, considering it is an area of the skin that needs special attention.

Skin peels, masks, and other facial cleansing and care processes are essential but do not forget your décolletage area. For more tips and helpful information, visit any one of our clinics in Newark, Nottingham or Chesterfield today.

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