It’s perfectly okay to have reservations and questions about botox treatment. After all, it involves facial injections! To lessen the worries and make you more at ease, we’ve detailed what to expect before, during, and after your botox injections.

At your botox consultation

At your first consultation in one of our professional botox clinics, a registered nurse will discuss our process for botox fillers in great detail and will listen to and resolve any specific concerns that you have regarding your upcoming botox injections. We pride ourselves on our natural results and never over-doing anything, so our expert botox nurses will use your consultation as an opportunity to manage your expectations to ensure you get the best possible results and that you will be happy with our subtle yet stunning work. Following this, our nurse will discuss and recommend the best treatment plan and botox costs to achieve your vision for botox and fillers that also suits your budget. Your initial consultation is the perfect chance to ask any burning questions you have to ensure you fully understand the treatment.

At your first appointment

Botulinum Toxin – Botox to you and me – is not without its risks regardless of how experienced your injector is. However, the more experienced the administrator is, the lesser the risk. Therefore, the first thing you will do during your appointment is to fill in a medical consent form as a precaution. We love tracking client results, so with your consent, we will take some photos before you have the botox treatment. Your appointment will last approximately 30 minutes, and you will be guided through the procedure before the treatment begins. You will also have the opportunity to ask any further questions you might have regarding your botox fillers.

Right after the treatment

It’s possible to have a small degree of swelling and redness immediately after your treatment, especially if you have botox in the face, such as lip fillers, forehead fillers or botox under the eyes. Mild swelling and bruising is nothing to worry about, and the vast majority of people don’t report any other side effects or significant pain. Mild headaches are frequent in a small number of botox patients, but this is easily managed with pain killers.

1 day after botox treatment

For most patients, there will be no visible signs that you underwent botox treatment. However, minor bruising post botox fillers is standard for some, and you can treat any bruises with arnica cream. Expect to see noticeable results the next day.

1 week after botox fillers

Accurate results of your botox injections should be visible after 7 days and after any swelling has subsided. The area that was treated will appear smooth and look more refreshed, especially so for those who have had anti-wrinkle injections. You may feel a mild ‘tight’ sensation, but this will subside in approximately 2 weeks. If you are having botox fillers or anti-wrinkle injections for the first time, you will need to revisit the clinic so the doctor can see how you are coming along.

1-month post-treatment

One month later, the results of your botox treatment will be very effective. Some people will experience a tiny amount of movement return, but this varies from one individual to the next.

3-months after botox injections or fillers

You should be able to start seeing a gradual return of movement after three months. It’s recommended to book for another assessment and even a follow-up treatment.

Do you want to undergo botox?

If you would like to give botox a try, get in touch with the experienced team at MedSkin today.

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