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The anti-ageing superpowers offered by anti-wrinkle injections - MedSkin ClinicPicture the scene. It’s been a long day, and you take a shower after work. You leave, dry yourself off and lean in close to the mirror. What’s that? Is that a new wrinkle? Frown no more! We know how to help.

Anti-wrinkle creams and lotions may help stop the prevention of wrinkles over time, but what do you do with wrinkles that are already formed? We have the answer. Anti-wrinkle injections. Anti-wrinkle injections offer many more benefits than creams, and our experts are here to tell you how:

1. Soften existing wrinkles and help prevent new ones forming

Anti-wrinkle injections are not designed to get rid of every small line that is on your face. Instead, they work in a holistic manner, softening existing lines and acting fast on the deep ones that cause you the most bother. They also help to prevent deep lines, working with your skin and muscles to prevent deep wrinkle formation.

2. Smooths skin

Noticeable all over, but especially around the forehead, anti-wrinkle injections help you achieve much smoother skin. This is due to the injections reducing deep muscle activity, which causes the folds in the skin’s surface. When the muscle tone is reduced, the folding on the skin above the muscle is also reduced, leaving a smaller impression and fewer creases and wrinkles.

3. Treatment works everywhere

While many people think that anti-wrinkle injections are only suitable for the forehead, we know that they can help smoothen skin and target wrinkles all over the body. Forehead lines are easy to target, but so too are frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, and slack jaws too. Many people have come to us just to target one specific area and have decided to treat all their lines once they see how good our anti-wrinkle injections really are.

At Medskinclinic, we are experts in our field. Our trained professionals are always on hand to answer your questions and talk you through the entire process. For more information about our anti-wrinkle injections, or any of our other beauty treatments, get in contact with us today on 0330 1132640!

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