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Common medical reasons why women suffer from excess body hair - MedSkin ClinicA lot of people find that they have to deal with excess hair on their body. It’s not only frustrating having to constantly shave or wax, but it’s damaging to their self-confidence. They find the hair embarrassing and it stops them from wearing what they would like to or even going on holiday as they will show off their body. However, there is often a medical reason why you might be growing excess hair on your body. Here are three of the most common reasons.

A hormonal condition such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

A lot of people struggle to control their hormones. But if you find you have excess body hair as well as other symptoms such as irregular periods and bad acne, you might be suffering from PCOS. The condition causes your body to have a hormone imbalance. Your body produces too many androgens which are male hormones and these can cause the excess body hair. It’s very common and is often controlled with the contraceptive pill and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A thyroid condition

Another reason women might find they have extreme hair growth is if they are suffering from a thyroid condition. As the thyroid controls your hormones, it’s often down to this gland not working effectively if you do suffer from unwanted body hair. When it’s not working correctly, it causes an imbalance of hormones.


You might not realise that the medication you are taking could be causing your excess hair growth. If you are on tablets such as steroids, antidepressants or even sleeping tablets, these all can have an impact on your hormones and can cause excess hair growth. It’s worth talking to your doctor if you do find this occurring and you are on the medication.

If you have excess hair on your body and are no longer happy with the results of shaving or waxing, you could consider IPL (Intense Pulse Light) hair removal, which helps to remove hair from the body by destroying the hair follicles and stopping hair growth. Whether you need this treatment on your legs, bikini or facial area, it’s an effective form of treatment for unwanted hair. Contact MedSkin Clinic today to book your first session.

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