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The secret cost of hyperhidrosis - MedSkin ClinicIt’s true that everyone sweats from time to time. However, for some this can happen on a much more extreme level. This is called hyperhidrosis. It’s a condition that can sadly cause sufferers to feel varying degrees of embarrassment – and unfortunately, this is far from the only side effect. Let’s have a look at three ways people lose out when they suffer from excess sweating.


There’s always an added risk of sweating for the average person in work. After all, people can be faced with high-pressure situations when carrying out their roles. The fact that hyperhidrosis causes sufferers to perspire in abundance can make them prone to shying away from the more stressful situations for fear of being seen perspiring, in the process limiting their ability to show off their skills and set themselves apart. This can ultimately limit their ability to climb the career ladder.


The effects of hyperhidrosis don’t just strike when the heat is on. Instead, it’s possible for the sweat to strike in even the most relaxed environments – including when people are simply socialising with their friends. Sufferers might skip social occasions when there is physical activity involved or because it’s a humid day. In the end, this can cost them the opportunity to make new friends or form stronger bonds in their personal life.


Finally, there’s the real cost of clothes. Hyperhidrosis can cause clothes to become stained with sweat, especially under the arms. There will, of course, be a price of pay for those who have to constantly update their wardrobes. It can also lead people to avoid certain trends, ultimately meaning they must pass up the opportunity to express themselves and showcase their unique flair for fashion.

What can you do?

Luckily you aren’t helpless when it comes to hyperhidrosis. If you’re a sufferer then you can take action by having your underarms injected with Botox. This procedure – which uses the same anti-wrinkle injections that smooth out lines – is becoming more and more popular, so if you’re interested in finding out more information then get in touch with the medical professionals at MedSkin Clinic.

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