Suffering from acne? It could get worse during the winter if you don’t take action - MedSkin Clinic | Chesterfield, Newark and NottinghamAcne isn’t something that you should have to just grin and bear – especially in the winter. After all, this is a season when breakouts can be much more common and far more problematic. What’s your solution? Well, rather than allow your face to feel the force of the colder winter weather, you can always try the benefits of acne-fighting treatments such as face peels. Meanwhile, micro needling is your solution to removing any scars that might arise. Before then, let’s take a look at three reasons why your acne gets worse in the winter.


The temperature can drop below zero at certain points during the winter in the UK. Not only are the cold and blistery conditions uncomfortable to go out in, but they can also wreak havoc on your skin. In particular, chilly temperatures will cause dry skin, which your body will then try to fend off by producing more sebum. Unfortunately, sebum means excess oil in your skin and this usually translates to more spots.


We all tend to layer up to keep warm in the winter. Sadly, this can be detrimental to your skin and cause your acne to flare up. How exactly? Well, pressure and friction – usually caused by the likes of scarfs, hats and tighter clothing – create an environment where spots can not only appear but thrive for much longer than they usually would as they become agitated.


The flick of the heating switch might feel like it’s doing you the world of good when you get in on a frosty evening. The truth is that it’s actually doing the exact opposite for your skin. When you’re in a space that’s warmed up with artificial heat, it means that there’s consequently less moisture in the air than there usually would be. This means that your skin will be prone to drying out and developing spots.

Fight back!

You don’t have to allow yourself to feel the brunt force of acne this winter. Instead, you can fight back by getting in touch with MedSkin Clinic. We have treatments which will both prevent spots and get rid of scarring, so don’t wait to get in touch with our medical professionals.

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