Fed up of your baby hairs? Remove them with IPL treatment - MedSkin Clinic | Chesterfield, Newark and NottinghamBaby hairs are small and wispy strands of hair often found below the hairline. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s quite common for men and women to carry them well into adulthood. You can, however, have yours removed with an intense pulse light (aka IPL treatment). This is a non-invasive procedure in which a light source destroys those unwanted follicles to leave the area looking smooth, clear and hair-free. Let’s have a look at three common reasons why people choose to go down this route.


Baby hairs are particularly obvious. In addition, unlike hairs on other parts of the body – such as the legs – they can’t easily be covered. This can lead people to become extremely self-conscious about the idle strands, questioning whether they’re being clocked by friends, family or work colleagues. It’s often a weight off their shoulders to remove this paranoia and feel much more comfortable in their skin.


So, why an intense pulse light? Well, quite frankly it’s easier. The treatment is quick and carried out by a medical professional. This means that – as well as being more effective – it’s carried out with more precision than a hairdresser would be capable of. Meanwhile, it’s always safer than using a razor or wax – two thing which could leave the area with a rash or mark.


Baby hairs can really put a damper on a person’s ability to express themselves. This is certainly true when it comes to certain types of hairstyles, given that many fringe-less options can lead to exposing unwanted follicles. Self-expression is, of course, very important. By exercising their creativity and putting their own touch on their appearance, it means people are less likely to succumb to stress or other negative emotions.

Is it for you?

You should know that countless people are using an intense pulse light for hair removal. Therefore, it’s probably about time that you also experienced its benefits first-hand. Whether it’s your baby hair you want to be removed or any other hair on your body, be sure to get in touch with our medical professionals available at MedSkin Clinic.

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