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As a woman, experiencing sexual pleasure can be satisfying, although sometimes challenging. There are many reasons why you might feel you have lost confidence in your vaginal area. This could be down to:-

– age
– natural childbirth
– menopausal symptoms
– surgery gone wrong
– a result of an injury

Sexual gratification is all about womanhood and feeling like a woman. Any problems you are experiencing in your private parts shouldn’t be ignored. Dismissing the issue and putting it on the back burner will only lead to a sense of frustration and disappointment. This is where vaginal rejuvenation could help.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

In medical terms, vaginal rejuvenation is also known as vaginoplasty. It’s basically a type of cosmetic procedure and reconstructive plastic surgery which are performed in the vaginal canal, other vulvo-vaginal structures of the uterus as well as the mucous membrane. The aim of this type of surgery is to tighten up a vagina which has become slack or loose. There are generally two options available:-

1. To fix any external issues
2. To address the inner tissues of the vagina

Is vaginal rejuvenation dangerous?

Vaginal rejuvenation isn’t considered to be dangerous. It’s important to understand the rejuvenation options available so you choose the correct one for you. You will be told in advance of the pros and cons before any treatment begins. For women who prefer to avoid surgery and are looking to repair the inner tissues, a non-surgical option is laser therapy. This works by removing scar tissue and rebuilding the weakened walls of the vagina.

The many benefits of vaginal rejuvenation

Feminine rejuvenation provides a boost to self-esteem. It can also:-

– restore firmness of the vaginal walls so you and your partner can enjoy increased sexual sensations
– eliminate painful intercourse
– cure bladder incontinence, while repairing floors from childbirth
– see a better overall appearance of the vaginal area

Here at MedSkin Clinic, vaginal rejuvenation is carried out by our experienced consultants. Get back to the real you and contact us today to book a free consultation.

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