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Thread vein removal Nottingham and Leicester

Many women suffer from facial thread veins that can cause feelings of low self-esteem. They often become larger over time and can be incredibly difficult to conceal with makeup, especially if they are purple in colour. The good news is that there is a treatment available that can eradicate facial thread veins. Let’s take a look at what thread veins are, what causes them and the treatment that is available.

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The facts about facial thread veins and their removal.

What are facial thread veins?

These are sometimes called spider veins and are simply small blood vessels that lie just under the surface of the skin, and which therefore can be easily seen. These fine lines can be red, blue or purple and are often more prominent around the nose and cheeks.

What causes facial thread veins?

In most cases, there is no obvious cause other than the ageing process, as both the blood vessels and skin become thinner and lose elasticity. Other causes include a family history of thread veins, corticosteroid medication, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, and sun exposure.

Why are women more prone to facial thread veins?

It is a fact that women are more prone to developing facial thread veins than men. This is mainly due to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and menopause. At these times in a woman’s life, skin is stretched and becomes thin, making it more likely that thread veins will become visible.

How are thread veins treated?

The most popular form of treatment for facial thread veins is that of Intense Pulse Light therapy, which is laser therapy. This is a noninvasive cosmetic procedure that uses light pulses to destroy the small broken veins. As the treatment is targeted, it does not damage any healthy skin. The good news is that this procedure is fairly painless, with most patients only feeling a slight sting, similar to a snapping elastic band when the laser hits the skin. Recovery is also quick with the treatment being able to be slotted in during your lunch hour. Some slight bruising or swelling may appear, but after a few days, this will fade. When dealing with facial thread veins several treatment sessions will be needed.

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Thread vein removal from the body Nottingham and Leicester.

Thread veins don’t just occur on the face, they can appear almost anywhere on the body although most commonly the legs and nose. Thread veins appear when small amounts of blood come together in the veins near the surface of your skin and you’re more likely to suffer from thread veins if it runs in the family, you’re obese, have suffered a trauma or you’ve recently had a drastic fluctuation in hormone levels. For example, women who are over 30 and pregnant are typically more susceptible to thread veins.

Thread vein removal treatment

Treatment is available in our Medskin clinics in Nottingham and Leicester with our qualified, nurse-led team. Our clinicians use Intense Pulse Light (IPL) which works by targeting specific skin cells with a wavelength of different light energies. You can read more about IPL on our treatments page here.

This process is rarely painful and is an easy procedure for those concerned with the appearance of their thread veins if they’re especially prominent. It’s also a very efficient treatment process, often taking under an hour without downtime, ensuring you can fit your IPL treatment in with your day without hassle, unlike some far more invasive medical procedures.

Intense Pulse Light is also used to treat unwanted hair. If this is something you’re interested in we can discuss this along with your thread vein removal.

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