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After chemical skin peels, although it’s perfectly normal to experience some side effects such as dry, irritated and red skin, it is important you take care of your skin. Here are 5 tips to help you manage the side effects of a chemical peel whilst maintaining your skin’s natural healing process.

1. Be Kind to your Skin

Skin needs to be treated gently after a chemical face peel, so ensure that you are light with your touch when you apply any type of skin product. Remember some flaking cells remain attached to live ones and your skin needs to shed them naturally. Aggressive exfoliating might run the risk of damaging your skin, so gently does it.

2. Stay OUT of the Sun

Immediately after a skin peeling treatment, your skin is vulnerable to UV light. Of course, UV is damaging for all skin, not just post-peel skin. If you go out in daylight, keep your skin protected with sunscreen.

To avoid excessive rubbing, have you considered a powder sunscreen for your face? Powder sunscreens dust on gently, even out your complexion and offer a high level of SPF. They are great for skin peel aftercare.

3. Plan Some Time Indoors

Remember that TV drama series you’ve always wanted to binge watch? Now is the time to rest on the sofa. Staying indoors as your skin heals is a great way to protect it. Heat, light, dirt and dust will all impact your inflamed skin after any type of chemical peel treatment, and thus slowing down recovery time. Put your feet up, grab the remote control and relax.

4. Watch the Water

Water doesn’t discern between dead and live skin. It just makes it all moist and soft, meaning it can be easy to rub off both dead and live wet skin. Avoiding using face cloths or towels as their potentially aggressive fabric will damage your skin. Just dab water on the skin and let it dry naturally. Drinking plenty of water is a must as body dehydration can make your skin feel tight!

5. Do moisturise

You will need to keep your skin moist after a skin peel and careful product selection will help with healing, especially ones with soothing qualities. Peels can temporarily lower your skin’s protective barrier so aim for moisturisers with a medium to thick barrier.

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