Your skin during and after menopause

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Most ladies know that menopause is when your periods stop. We can expect waist thickening, weight gain, mood swings and all sorts of symptoms. However, menopause has a huge impact on your skin too.

Sagging jawline

The changes in your skin after menopause are partly caused by your body making less collagen as you age. The thing is, we lose some of the fat in the layer below the skin and this leads to a significant loss in elasticity. Collagen is the scaffolding of our skin and not many people realise that, from your forties, the amount of collagen you have reduces by about 1% per year! In fact, after menopause, we lose around 30% of our skin’s collagen in the first 5 years alone! Hardly surprising that our skin becomes thinner and less plump.

Hormonal changes and the loss of oestrogen can make the skin more dry too, unfortunately. Altogether this leads to sagging, wrinkles and fine lines. The jawline, neck and cheeks are usually the first to go as the skin is more delicate in those areas.

Age spots

Skin blemishes, age spots, seborrhoeic keratoses (nicknamed ‘geriatric warts or moles’ for a reason!) and skin pigmentation all combine to make life one big skin nightmare!

This stage of a woman’s life is the time when skin rejuvenation treatments involving Restylane, skin peels, Botox, dermal fillers and microdermabrasion come into their own. Sloughing off the dead skin cells on the face can refresh your skin and make you look younger. Exfoliating that damaged, upper layer of skin, naturally stimulates the body to produce new skin cells. In a way, it’s like refreshing your complexion to brighten up your face.

Experienced team

At the MedSkin Clinic, our experienced nurses and medical practitioners are trained to advise, prescribe and treat you. Many of our nurses have worked as registered nurses in the NHS or in private medical aesthetics clinics and hospitals. Others are independent nurse consultants and practitioners. We are proud of our team’s medical knowledge and you can trust us to give you honest advice and superlative aesthetic treatments. Our clients mainly come from in and around the Derby, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Lincoln and Newark areas but many other clients travel from afar to experience our nurse-led aesthetic treatments.

Dermal fillers can smooth out even the deepest wrinkles and can take years off your appearance. So if you’re fed up of that line between your brows making you look grumpy or those ageing nose to mouth lines then do something about it now.

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