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Many women suffer from thread veins as they get older. Sometimes these veins are referred to as spider veins. These superficial veins lie just under the skin so can be clearly seen. They can appear anywhere on the body, but are more prominent on the face and legs. One of the best treatments for tackling thread veins on the face is Intense Pulse Light therapy (IPL). Below we look in more detail at thread veins on the face and how IPL can remove them.

What causes thread veins?

There is no known cause for thread veins. These types of veins occur when blood collects, or pools, very near to the surface of the skin, giving that spider-like appearance. If your mother or grandmother had them, then you are more likely to develop them. Pregnant women, obesity and changes in hormone levels are also contributing factors. Thread veins usually affect women over the age of thirty.

What is Intense Pulse Light therapy?

IPL is a non invasive and non laser treatment that can treat a variety of skin conditions, including thread veins on the face. This intense and targeted light energy transforms into gentle heat that targets specific skin cells or problem skin.

How IPL can help remove thread veins from the face

So how does IPL work on thread veins? The targeted light therapy heats up these superficial veins that are just under the surface of the skin. The vein is broken down and then reabsorbed by the body. What you are left with is clear and blemish-free skin once more.

Not just for thread veins

IPL is not just used on thread veins. It can be used on many different types of skin imperfection such as sun spots, pigmentation, port wine stains and rosacea. IPL can also be used to remove unwanted body and facial hair.

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