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Beauty Aesthetics Clinics in Nottingham, Derby and Lincolnshire

FREE consultations with one of our local Derby, Nottingham and Lincoln private nurses to discuss your requirements and offer qualified advice at no charge.

There are many ways to book your free consultation, the most popular is the text SMS service on 07537 416110

If you fancy, you can book online or call the main clinic number on 0330 113 2640 which serves all locations; our nurses are based in Nottingham, Beeston, West Bridgford, Chesterfield, Newark, Leicester, Derby and Lincoln, with outreach nurses located in Leicester, Lincoln and Sheffield.

With summer quickly approaching, it’s natural to want to look your best. Cosmetic procedures are a fast and simple way to improve your attractiveness and feel more confident about your appearance. Get Ready for Summer in Nottingham, Derby and Lincolnshire with Medskin Clinics.

Cosmetic Beauty Treatments for Summer in Nottingham, Derby and Lincolnshire

Smooth away those wrinkles to maximise your natural beauty

Whether you’re conscious about forehead lines, feeling anxious about crow’s feet or feeling down about the appearance of your neck, your anxieties might feel more intense as you prepare to reunite with friends this summer as lockdown restrictions lift. The use of shallow, painless anti-wrinkle injection can smooth away those lines, rejuvenate you and boost your mood and positivity.

Boost your body confidence with thread veins treatment

In the beautiful summer heat, the last thing you want to do is have to forego that skirt or those shorts because of self-consciousness about your unsightly thread veins. The great news is that Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is an effective treatment to lessen the appearance of thread veins and allow you the freedom to feel great in whatever you wear.

For more information on our Derby & Nottingham and Lincolnshire nurse-led clinics give us a call on 03301 132 2640 or send us a message online and we’ll be in touch. If you prefer to Book via text you can on 07537 416 110 (SMS only).

Get your feet looking good for sandal season

Dermal fillers provide an excellent solution to tired and dehydrated feet. By replenishing the hyaluronic acid in the skin on your feet, it’s possible to restore their youthful looks so that your feet shine in your summer sandals.

Restore your decolletage before you hit the beach

If you’re planning to wear a bikini, swimsuit or even a strappy top in the warmer weather, dermal injections can provide a boost to your decolletage, allowing you to feel confident and look fantastic.

Excessive sweating aesthetic treatments in Derby and Nottingham

There is nothing worse than dreading summer because of anxiety that your excessive sweating will get even worse in the hotter months. Botox injections are an effective hyperhidrosis treatment and this is a simple procedure that takes around 30 minutes and can be topped up every 4 to 6 months. It will help to get your excessive sweating under control and really boost your confidence this summer.

Lincolnshire, Nottingham and Derby Excessive Sweating Treatment

Hyperhidrosis, simply put, is excessive sweating. With primary hyperhidrosis, there is no known medical cause, despite as much as 1% of the population being affected by the condition. Excessive sweating cannot only be unpleasant and cause discomfort but could also lead to further complications such as painful itchy sweat rashes. Above all, many hyperhidrosis sufferers find the condition embarrassing. As a result, some sufferers of hyperhidrosis will hide away and remain cooped up in the house, particularly on more humid days in order to avoid embarrassingly sweaty situations. No one should feel they have to spend their summer like that! So, we have put together a few top tips to help you to survive the summer with hyperhidrosis.

Bare your Beauty: Minimise sweating from the outset

Wear loose-fitting clothing to allow air to circulate around the body. You should also think about the fabrics you are wearing. Lightweight cotton is always a good choice as the natural fibres will absorb rather than repel any moisture
– Avoid drinking alcohol or eating spicy foods
– Keep cool when you can
– Apply antiperspirant

There are a variety of medical treatments available for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, including:

  • Prescription antiperspirants
  • Prescription creams
  • Nerve-blocking medications
  • Anti-depressants
  • Botox injections

How can Botox help Excess Sweating?

Very small amounts of Botox are injected into the underarm area. This blocks the nerves which activate the sweat glands and results in significantly reduced levels of sweating.

Is Botox a safe beauty treatment?

Absolutely! Unlike the alternative high-risk surgical procedures available to combat hyperhidrosis, Medskin offers botox injections as a safe and effective non-surgical treatment. This treatment usually takes around 30 minutes. Whilst you may experience a little discomfort, an anaesthetic will be applied to alleviate any pain. As new nerves grow every 6-12 weeks, you will need to return for the procedure to be repeated after 4-6 months. A very small price to pay for having your confidence and freedom back this summer!

If you would like to know more about any of our treatments or to book a FREE consultation, give us a call on 03301 132 2640 or send us a message online and we’ll be in touch. If you prefer to Book via text you can on 07537 416 110 (SMS only).

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