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Three reasons new mums should steer clear of warts - MedSkin ClinicThere’s never a good time to develop a wart. There are, however, particularly bad times to find one – including when you’re a new mum. Unfortunately, there’s an increased likelihood of developing one in the weeks and months after giving birth. This is because your immune system can be weakened, in the process making you more susceptible to the virus that causes warts. Thankfully, you can remove your wart with cryotherapy. Let’s have a look at three reasons why you should have this procedure rather than just put up with your wart.


It’s true that warts can eventually go away on their own. However, this can take months – possibly even more if you’re a new mum. Due to your weakened immune system, your body is less likely to effectively fight the virus in a speedy timeframe. This can mean that your wart will persist until you take direct action, such as having it removed with cryotherapy.


You might struggle to adjust to motherhood if you have a wart preventing you from carrying out some of your new duties. The wart might hurt or catch on things, ultimately stopping you from doing such jobs as rocking your baby. All in all, it can make what should otherwise be a rather harmonious time into one that’s unnecessarily challenging.


You are most likely to spread a wart when in conditions which are wet, such as in the bathroom or at the swimming baths. Sadly, this could mean that you inadvertently put your new baby in harm’s way when doing things like bathing them. Just the prospect of infecting your child with something so unsightly can be a rather distressing thing to have to deal with for a new mum.

You can take action

You won’t have to be away from your new baby for long when you have your wart removed. Cryotherapy is a quick and simple procedure, meaning you can resume your mummy duties shortly after you’ve had the area tended to. If you’re keen for more information, don’t wait to get in touch with our team of medical professionals to find out more about cryotherapy.

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