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Earwax Removal Nottingham and Leicester. Medical Earwax removal with medically qualified nurses.

If you’ve found yourself struggling to hear the TV or repeatedly catch yourself saying “pardon” when speaking with friends and family book in for our earwax removal service today. Give us a call on 03301 132 2640 or send us a message online and we’ll be in touch. If you prefer to Book via text you can on 07537 416 110 (SMS only).

Booking earwax removal with our qualified nurses means a professional and effective result. Our staff are time served, fully qualified, and experienced NHS and Private Nurses and perform earwax removal in our clinics based in Nottingham, Leicester, Newark and Chesterfield. Questions? We’ve detailed the full benefits of our earwax removal as well as the signs and symptoms of earwax build up.

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Nottingham and Leicester Earwax Removal

Do I need earwax removal?

If you have any of the symptoms listed below you should consider booking our earwax removal, available in our clinics including Nottingham and Leicester.

Ear issues with hearing.

You may feel like you can’t hear properly either in one or both your ears and this is the biggest warning sign that may have a build-up of excess wax. If sound has become faint or muffled and you perhaps find yourself turning up the TV more than usual.

Wax build-up – A feeling of fullness, pressure or pain.

Another very common sign of excess wax is a heavy or full feeling in one or both ears. You might still hear absolutely fine but have a feeling that something is sitting uncomfortably in your ear. This feeling is due to the wax hardening and building up inside your ear canal over time. Any pain in your ears could also be a sign of excessive ear wax which needs to be removed professionally.

Ear pressure – Dizziness or feeling lightheaded

Vertigo is simply a feeling of being unbalanced which can be caused by pressure building up in the middle ear. It is not a nice feeling and can leave you nauseous or dizzy. Excess ear wax can cause this pressure to build up over time and is a possible cause of vertigo.

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, call our clinic now on 03301 132 2640 or alternatively book by text by sending an SMS to 07537 416 110. You can also get in touch online and we’ll get back to you soon.

Earwax removal – What are the benefits of Earwax Removal?

Our hearing is precious. It’s our route to effective communication, keeps us safe and helps us enjoy life, therefore, we need to look after it.  Something as simple as earwax build up can cause pain, hearing loss and dizziness, not to mention tedious jokes about being old before your time. Our Earwax removal clinics in Nottingham and Leicester offer a simple and professional solution to ear wax build-up.

Why do we get Earwax build-up?

It’s very common for earwax to build up, for some it may happen more than others and it’s not unusual to have it happen after infection or injury to the ear. You may notice wax inside your ear from time to time but steer clear of cotton buds as these push wax further into the ear canal and can cause blockages and compact the wax.

What’s the best method of earwax removal?

Earwax removal is best left to trained clinicians. Whilst home remedies can provide relief in the short term, they typically don’t solve the issue, rather they mask it. For a long-term solution, a simple visit to a professional clinic is far more effective and you’ll be hearing properly again in time. At MedSkin Clinic, we take pride in the fact all of our staff are trained professionals, who will make you feel completely at ease during your treatment.

Qualified nurse-led earwax removal clinics Nottingham and Leicester.

Don’t be left wondering what joke you didn’t quite catch or continue rewinding the TV because you still didn’t hear what was being said, get in touch with our friendly team today 03301 132 2640 or Contact us right here. 

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