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Thread Vein Removal Nottingham

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Thread Vein Removal Nottingham


Thread Vein Removal Nottingham – Medskin clinic offer vein removal, we are fully insured and nurse led with over 75 years experience between us. Free consultation.

Thermavein – Telangiectasia commonly known as thread veins

Can also be described as spider veins are small veins which can appear on your face, thighs and calves, although harmless they can affect a person’s confidence and self esteem.

Thermavein uses a process called thermocoagulation. This is achieved by pacing a tiny needle into the thread vein and a low current is passed through the needle  which seals the thread vein walls and the thread veins will permanently disappear.

The treatment time is swift and relatively painless.

Thread Vein Removal Nottingham what do we offer

Here at MedSkin Clinic, we are proud to offer our professional thread vein treatments to patients located all over the Nottingham area, so that you can reap the many benefits of this innovative treatment. Vein Removal is an excellent preventative measure for combating signs of ageing, but it also has a number of other benefits that you might not be aware of.

Thread Vein Removal Nottingham happy to help

Once you have spoken to our qualified nurses we are more than confident you will be happy with our informative friendly advise that we offer at our Thread vein Removal, Nottingham clinic, any questions you may have on the day our nurses are on hand to help and advise.

Medskin clinic offer a number of other services at the Thread Vein Removal, Nottingham clinic, such as Spider Vein removal We offer the following

Thread Veins/Spider Veins

Thread veins also known as spider veins because of the spidery way they look on the skin are harmless but can affect how you feel about your appearance and make you dread summer holidays, shorts and bikinis.

They are most common in women but men can suffer from them too! Contrary to popular belief these are not broken veins, but veins that are larger than they should be, that’s why you can see them.

They are most often red or blue in colour, found on your face and legs and do not make
the skin bulge like varicose veins do. Once these veins have appeared they tend not to go on their own accord, and as they are considered to be cosmetic, treatment to treat them is not available on the NHS.

What causes them?

Thread veins are extremely common and it estimated that at least 50% of the population have them. The reason the veins enlarge is due valves in the veins become weaker causing blood to backflow and stretch the vein. A number of things can make you more likely to suffer from thread veins, hereditary, meaning other members of your family suffer from them, exposure to extreme temperatures, trauma, sitting or standing for long periods, hormonal changes, pregnancy and menopause, smoking and
excessive weight.

how can they be treated?

To remove the veins we have to stop the blood flowing through them so they shrink and whither away. This might sound a bit dangerous but these are tiny superficial veins that we don’t really need, so getting rid of them is not harmful.

We treat the veins differently depending on what part of the body they are

Facial Thread veins

These are treated by high frequency radio waves which heat the veins causing them to stick together therefore sealing them. The treatment is relatively painless, it tends to feel a bit like pulling a hair out. The area will be red and maybe a little swollen for a couple of hours, Some veins will disappear straight away while others may need more than one treatment.


Leg Thread veins
As these veins are under higher pressure and tend to be bigger they often need more than radio frequency to remove them.


About Thread Vein Removal Nottingham 

All our treatments are treated by our fully qualified nurses with over 75 years experience Nottingham  as a town isn’t recognised for having many medical aesthetics clinics, but thankfully, MedSkin Clinic offers a number of fantastic treatments for Nottingham


We also cover Thread Vein Removal Carlton, Thread Vein Removal Arnold, Thread Vein Removal Colwick, Thread Vein Removal Carlton, Thread Vein Removal Bingham


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