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Over 50% of women aged 16 to 29 would consider undergoing cosmetic enhancements, according to an article published by Glamour. You may or may not be surprised to hear that lip fillers are amongst the most popular option. The question is: why are more and more women plumping up their pout? It’s much more than just a fad and every person who undergoes it does so for their own personal reasons. With this in mind, let’s look at four of the most common factors that cause women to have lip fillers.


Lips can be prone to some of the most obvious signs of ageing. Over time they naturally lose a lot of volume and can appear wrinkled. The fillers actually undo these effects by giving them some much-needed enhancement and soothing out those lines that can look rather prominent when a woman looks in the mirror.


Big and shapely lips have long been thought of as beautiful. This dates back decades, with some of the leading ladies of Hollywood getting their big break due to their sizable pouts. Many women have grown up admiring such perfect pouts – and now there’s no reason why they can’t have their own.


A person’s lips can be the root cause of poor self-esteem. After all, the lips – used for talking and smiling – command attention. With other people naturally being drawn to look at a woman’s lips during a conversation, it can make her feel self-conscious when hers aren’t shapely and pronounced.


Quite frankly, many women are just sick and tired of trying to enhance their lips with the likes of lipstick and lip gloss. It, therefore, makes their beauty regime run much smoother and less stressful when they’re able to sport a plump pout without the need to apply multiple products to achieve it.

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