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The phrase ‘radio frequency’ might sound rather technical when you’re considering having a mole removed. You shouldn’t, however, let the name fool you. The treatment is one of the most viable options for having a mole removed – and best of all it comes with numerous benefits! The procedure sees a thin hair-sized radio wave vaporise the mole rather than having it cut into. If you’re considering having this done, let’s look at three advantages you’ll be set to discover if you choose to go down this route when having your mole removed.


Once you’ve got your head around the procedure and how it works, you’ll come to understand just how remarkably simple it actually is. In fact, compared to other treatments, using radio frequency to remove a mole is minimally evasive and swift. This should put your mind at rest ahead of the procedure, ultimately making the process one that’s relaxed and stress-free.


The healing time following radiowave mole removal will vary from patient to patient. You can be confident that you’ll be able to bounce back fast though and get back on with your life. After all, during the procedure, there will be minimal bleeding and tissue damage. This will mean that your body is able to heal from the procedure over a short length of time.


One of the main driving forces behind removing a mole is, of course, that patients don’t like its appearance. Therefore, you’ll be glad to know that there will be little to feel self-conscious about once the procedure has been completed. Radio frequency is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing treatments you can undergo because scarring is very unlikely. This means you should be bursting with self-confidence after without having to adjust to life with a scar.

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