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The benefits of having a facial peel in the colder months - MedSkin ClinicAutumn is here and winter is coming. The weather is already noticeably different than it was in the summer – and it’s also going to get more extreme. This is exactly why you should be eyeing up your next facial peel. The procedure leaves patients with smooth and healthy skin as a mixture dissolves the connection that holds dead skin cells together. The procedure has far-reaching benefits all year long, but it’s arguably most important during the autumn and winter. Let’s take a look at the advantages of having a facial peel during the colder months.


The cold weather actually strips a sizeable amount of water from your skin. As the moisture evaporates and leaves your body, your face can be left looking dry and flaky. Thankfully, you can hide this lack of moisture by having your face exfoliated during a facial peel. The end result should leave you sporting a summer glow… even on those cold winter nights!


You’ll have noticed that your face can look pale towards the end of the year. This is because the body doesn’t produce as much melanin when it’s not exposed to the sun’s UV rays as much. This – coupled with the dead skin – can make you understandably wary about your appearance. Fear not, you can replenish your colour by stimulating the production of new cells during a facial peel.


Unfortunately, our skin isn’t as skilled at dealing with the elements as we might like during the colder months. The constant exposure to blustering winds and chilly gusts – coupled with a distinct lack of humidity in the air – can leave your skin vulnerable to becoming irritated and sallow. You’ll actually be making your skin stronger with a facial peel, in the process allowing it to fight back against whatever is thrown its way by Mother Nature.

Now’s the time

There’s really never been a better time to book your next – or indeed your first – facial peel. Winter is just around the corner, so be sure to leave your face in the safe and qualified hands of the medical team at Medskin Clinic.

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