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We all have skin imperfections that we wish we could simply flick off. Moles, warts, skin tags and pigmentation are common concerns. For some of us, these imperfections are in awkward spots that rub against our clothes or can be nipped during shaving. But if your imperfections are impacting your confidence, then why not try cryotherapy? Here’s why we think it could be the right solution for you:

Soothes muscle pain

Athletes have used cryotherapy to treat injuries and soothe muscle pain. Originally developed in Japan in 1978, cryotherapy was first used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Today, the cold temperature is applied to the skin’s tissue and numbs irritated nerves, chronic pain and acute injuries.

Quickly get flawless skin

Cryotherapy takes half the time of other treatments. Procedures, which involve spraying nitrous oxide onto the imperfection, last between 5 and 25 seconds. Depending on the size and texture of your lesion, within 10 to 14 days your mole or wart will naturally fall off, leaving you with flawless skin.

Safest solution to your imperfections

Using a CryoPen, the practitioners are able to precisely remove the imperfection by locating the exact area. This technique kills dead cells without causing any damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. The advanced technology is a fast, effective and safe solution.

Rejuvenation for your skin cells

At a constant temperature of minus 127 degrees, cryotherapy can freeze warts and skin tags and remove freckles and age spots. It also enhances the exfoliation of dead cells. You’ll happily walk away with stronger skin that appears healthier and more radiant.

Removes cancerous moles

Also used to remove cancerous moles, cryotherapy freezes cancer cells by surrounding them with ice crystals. Doctors are able to kill any cancer by thawing the area that eventually falls off along with the dead cancer cells.

Here at MedSkin Clinic, our effective cryotherapy treatments are carried out by our highly trained nurses. Contact one of our clinics in Nottingham, Chesterfield or Newark today to discuss how we can transform your skin and boost your confidence in seconds.

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