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Are you struggling to hear clearly? Perhaps you have a feeling of fullness or pressure in your ears. Our nurse led team can help release the pressure and have you hearing clearly again in just one appointment.

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Traditional methods of cleaning your ears, using cotton swabs or sticks, is not always the healthiest or safest way to get rid of unwanted wax. Instead, professional ear wax removal is often recommended as an alternative that uses safe methods to completely clean your ear.

Professional ear wax removal gently clears the ear of any wax using one of two methods. Ear irrigation flushes the ear with warm water using specialised equipment to get rid of any build-up. The second method, endoscopic microsuction, is slightly longer. During this treatment, an ear endoscope is placed inside of the ear canal to visualise the buildup of wax on a screen. Gentle suction is then used to remove the wax. Alternative therapists may also offer ear candling or coning, which both works to remove wax and treat hearing loss.

What Are The Benefits Of Earwax Removal? Clinics In Nottingham And Chesterfield

The main benefit of getting a professional ear wax removal is that your ears will be properly cleaned, without experiencing any damage. Self-cleaning could damage your inner ear or even push the wax back into the ear. Gentle cleaning from a professional protects your ears from damage and improves your hearing health. Contact us today to find out more or to book your earwax removal appointment.

Most methods of professional ear wax removal have instant results, which means that you will immediately be able to notice a difference in your hearing and ear health. Follow up visits are rarely needed and your ear will stay clean for a long period of time after the procedure.

Are there any disadvantages of professional ear wax removal?

Professional ear wax removal is an extremely safe procedure and side effects are rarely experienced. However, you may notice a few symptoms after the treatment has been performed.

In rare cases, patients may experience earache, ear ringing, dizziness or even bleeding from the ear after they receive ear wax removal. It should also be noted that these procedures are only needed for extreme ear wax build-up. The ear is self-cleaning and will naturally deal with small amounts of wax without any professional treatments needed. If you think that you may be in need of professional ear wax removal, you should consult your doctor and ask what strategy of cleaning would be best.

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There are many ways to book your free consultation, the most popular is the text (SMS) service on 07537 416110, you can book online or call the main clinic number on 0330 113 2640 which serves all locations.

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Earwax, while arguably unpleasant, is essential in keeping our ears clean. Similar to how our noses produce (sometimes lots of) mucus, earwax is used for flushing out bacteria and other foreign bodies that may cause an infection. If an infection does occur, then you’ll likely experience pain, discomfort and puss, so it’s best to clear the impaction as soon as possible.

However, for various reasons, our bodies occasionally produce too much wax or wax that’s the wrong consistency. This can lead to ear wax impaction, where your ear becomes clogged. At best, you may notice your hearing isn’t quite as good as normal. At worst, it can cause searing pain. If you’re struggling with ear wax impaction, here are some top tips to consider:

Impacted Earwax Home Remedy Tips

1. Never stick anything into your ear

As tempting as it might be, don’t ever poke and prod your inner ear with anything, not even a soft cotton bud. Unless you’re a trained medical professional, there’s a good chance that you will damage your highly fragile eardrum, which could result in you damaging your hearing permanently.

2. Add a few drops of olive oil twice a day

Lay on your side with the blocked ear towards the ceiling. Add two drops of olive oil into your ear canal and wait for it to soak in, typically staying in this position for at least 10 minutes. The oil will help soften any hardened and impacted earwax, making it easier to remove.

3. Flush gently with clean water and a syringe

It can take a few days of regular oil drops before the wax is softened enough for removal. After about three days of oil treatment, sanitise a syringe using water and some baby bottle sterilisation liquid. Fill the syringe with clean water, point the tip into your affected ear canal, and gently but firmly squirt in the water to flush out the (hopefully) softened wax. If all has gone well, then you’ll be greeted with the ability to hear again.

If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, the team at Medskin Clinic offers ear irrigation treatments, so book an appointment today.

4. Visit a professional. Our bank of nurses are highly qualified, some are ex-NHS nurses and the others have experience in the private medical sector, so you’re on safe hands.

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    Why Is It Important To Remove Earwax?

    Although an ear wax blockage might sound like a minor health issue, ear wax can cause serious pain and problems for many people. The ears are an incredibly sensitive part of the body, so built-up ear wax makes for a very uncomfortable day-to-day life. Those with a build-up of ear wax often report serious earache, hearing issues, tinnitus, a bad cough and even dizziness. In this article, we’ll discuss what can be done to remove ear wax in a safe, medically-approved way.

    What causes a build-up of ear wax?

    For many people, it is simply the case that their bodies produce a lot of ear wax. Whilst this wax is essential for protecting the ears and keeping them healthy, it can become problematic when there’s too much of it – and can even cause hearing issues.

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    Earwax removal Nottingham Derby

    For other people, the ear wax their bodies produce might just be slightly too hard or dry than it is for others. Ear wax build-up is also more common in the elderly, and for those who have more narrow/hairy ear canals. It is also found a lot for people who regularly insert foreign objects, such as hearing aids or plugs, into their ears.

    What does an ear wax removal treatment involve?

    There are a few different options when it comes to ear wax approval. All of these procedures are quick and easy and will provide immediate relief for those suffering from ear wax issues.

    The most common method for ear wax removal is ear irrigation, where the ears are washed out to try and remove any blockages. In this treatment, a small pump pushes water into the ears.

    Micro-suction is also another popular ear wax removal method. This treatment involves a small suction device, which removes any ear wax by sucking it from the ears. This is sometimes used in cases where ear irrigation has not been successful and it is evident that slightly more force is required.

    Finally, an aural toilet is a more time-consuming, manual method where a trained professional uses a tiny instrument that has a loop on one end to scrape out the ear wax. It’s very important to remember not to try inserting such an object into your ear yourself, as this is very dangerous and could cause further health complications if the wax ends up being pushed further into your ears.

    Where can I receive ear wax removal treatment in Nottingham or Derby?

    It’s best to seek out a clinic or treatment provider where you can rest assured your ear wax removal treatment will be provided by a trained medical professional. At MedSkin Clinic, we take pride in the fact all of our staff are trained professionals, who will make you feel completely at ease during your treatment.

    We will be able to offer you any further information about ear wax removal, or the other treatments when you contact us. We understand that sometimes making an appointment to help with an ongoing medical problem can be daunting, so will do our best to ensure you feel relaxed and happy about your upcoming treatments by giving you all the required information.

    Take advantage of our FREE consultation service with one of our private nurses

    There are many ways to book your free consultation, the most popular is the text (SMS) service on 07537 416110, you can book online or call the main clinic number on 0330 113 2640 which serves all locations.

    Our experienced and time-served nurses are based in Derby, Nottingham, Beeston, West Bridgford, Chesterfield, Newark, Leicester, and Lincoln.

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