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Botox is no longer a procedure enjoyed solely by the rich and famous. Instead, the popularity and availability of botox injections have risen sharply in recent years – to the point where it’s now commonplace and readily accessible to men and women throughout the country. There are, unfortunately, a few misconceptions that continue to persist even though more and more people are experiencing the benefits of Botox treatments. Let’s look at three untruths for you to be aware of as you weigh up whether or not you want to try Botox and fillers.

Botox is a ‘Never-Ending’ Requirement

For the most effective results, we typically recommend that patients undergo anti-wrinkle injections every four months after having Botox. This, however, isn’t compulsory. If you’re unhappy with the results or you’d rather embrace your wrinkles then you’re not locked into further appointments with any botox clinic. It just so happens that most patients are so thrilled with the outcome that they just can’t wait to undergo the next round of Botox to maintain the results they love so much.

Botox Injections are ‘Painful’

You might be under the impression that injections in your face, such as Botox under eyes or forehead fillers, are going to cause a lot of the pain. The reality just couldn’t be further from the truth! The needles used for botox, full name botulinum toxin, are so small that any sensation is minimal when you’re undergoing the treatment. It’s understandable that people will be apprehensive beforehand, but patients soon feel safe when in the safe hands of a medical professional at a specialist botox clinic.

Botox Fillers are an ‘Unnecessary’ Treatment

Botox injections are for people who haven’t looked after their face and have led an unhealthy lifestyle, right? Wrong. The fact of the matter is that crow’s feet can strike people at any age for a variety of different reasons, including genetics and facial expressions. It’s up to you whether you believe botox is or is not necessary. No matter what age and how many wrinkles you have, as long as you want to take action then you can’t go wrong with undergoing a spot of Botox for crows feet or in the forehead. What’s better, when it is carried out by an expert, botox treatments are virtually undetectable!

Now you Know!

The truth can be a great thing to have on your side as you weigh up whether to go ahead with any botox or filler treatment. If you’re still unsure and would like some more information on the procedure, botox costs or suitable areas of the face for botox, then feel free to get in touch with the medical professionals at MedSkin Clinic.

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