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Chesterfield Ear Wax Removal
Private Nurse-Led Clinic

Since Ear Wax Removal isn’t provided by the NHS now, a large number of new clients are coming to us as other UK National chains have a 4-6 week booking delay. As a small, independent private business, we are able to book you in for ear wax removal procedures in days, rather than weeks. All procedures at Medskin are performed by qualified, registered nurses in our private clinics in Chesterfield, Derby, Newark, Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

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Earwax, while arguably unpleasant, is essential in keeping our ears clean. Similar to how our noses produce (sometimes lots of) mucus, earwax is used for flushing out bacteria and other foreign bodies that may cause an infection. If an infection does occur, then you’ll likely experience pain, discomfort and puss, so it’s best to clear the impaction as soon as possible. However, for various reasons, our bodies occasionally produce too much wax or wax that’s the wrong consistency. This can lead to ear wax impaction, where your ear becomes clogged. At best, you may notice your hearing isn’t quite as good as usual. At worst, it can cause severe pain. If you’re struggling with ear wax impaction, here is how to relieve the symptoms and start hearing well again:

Visit a qualified private nurse in Chesterfield clinics – FREE consultation

For more information about any of our ear wax removal services, contact us at Medskin Clinic today on 0330 113 2640. As well as ear irrigation, professionals like the NHS and qualified nurses at Medskin Clinic also offer micro-suction and aural toilets. Micro-suction does exactly what it says on the tin – it uses a small suction device to remove ear wax. An aural toilet, meanwhile, is a manual method whereby a tiny instrument that has a loop on the end is used to scrape out any ear wax.

Our NHS and qualified professional nurse’s approach to ear wax removal is to gently clear the ear of any wax using one of 2 methods.

Ear irrigation flushes the ear with warm water using specialised equipment to get rid of any build-up. The second method, endoscopic micro suction, is slightly longer. During this treatment, an ear endoscope is placed inside the ear canal to visualise the buildup of wax on a screen. Gentle suction is then used to remove the wax. Alternative therapists may also offer ear candling or coning, which both work to remove wax and treat hearing loss.

Ear Wax Removal Chesterfield, NHS Ear Wax Removal, Blocked Ears, Hearing Loss, Clearing Ear WaxHearing Loss Clinic Chesterfield

Something as simple as excess wax build-up can cause pain, hearing loss, and dizziness. Have you been asking people to speak up a little more lately? Tiring of your friends and family making jokes about collecting your pension early? This might be why!

Why does it happen?

Earwax often builds up – some people may produce more than others, or it may increase after an infection or injury to the eardrum. Normally earwax should fall out by itself, but sometimes it stubbornly refuses and you have to do something about it. Home remedies such as a few drops of almond or olive oil might not always cut it, and can be inconvenient, without offering a long-term solution.

Do the NHS provide Ear Wax Removal?

Unfortunately, people suffering from a build-up of ear wax are no longer entitled to have their ears cleared for free by their GP practice. This is because of the safety risks the procedure has on the patients.

The NHS can no longer offer their ear wax removal services because there have been many different reports of concern for people’s safety regarding the procedure available at the time.

The evidence linked to this report is that the method used before to remove ear wax was unsafe, and so it was agreed that it should not be used anymore.

However, there are other safe methods for ear wax removal available, just like the procedures available at Medskin Clinics.

Safe and professional ear wax removal

Professional ear wax removal is an extremely safe procedure and side effects are rarely experienced. However, you may notice a few symptoms after the treatment has been performed.

In rare cases, patients may experience earache, ear ringing, dizziness or even bleeding from the ear after they receive ear wax removal. It should also be noted that these procedures are only needed for extreme ear wax build-up. The ear is self-cleaning and will naturally deal with small amounts of wax without any professional treatments needed. If you think that you may be in need of professional ear wax removal, you should consult your doctor and ask what strategy of cleaning would be best.

Just say no to cotton buds!

We’ve all seen earwax come away on our earphones, or scratched an itch and come away with a lump of yellow wax. The temptation is always to reach for the cotton buds – everyone uses them, don’t they? In fact, these can be incredibly damaging, pushing the wax deeper into your ear canal. You should also try and refrain from putting your fingers in your ears, as bacteria on your hands can cause infections. And keep the cotton buds for makeup removal.

Speak up!

If you’re suffering from muffled hearing, don’t despair in silence. You might not need to get your hearing checked, just your ear canals. Earwax removal is an easy and painless procedure that could improve your hearing and rid you of troublesome earaches. Offered at our Chesterfield clinic, this simple process could give you a bright new outlook. Not to mention you’ll be hearing (and yes, you’ll actually hear them!) far fewer jokes about old age setting in!

Contact us today to arrange an ear wax removal consultation.

Earwax Removal Derby Private Nurse Clinic Beauty Aesthetics Botox Injections Dermal Fillers Anti Wrinkle InjectionsHow can I clear Blocked Ears at home?

There are some home remedies you can try before calling a professional. Here are the most effective treatments:

Add a few drops of olive oil twice a day

Lay on your side with the blocked ear towards the ceiling. Add two drops of olive oil into your ear canal and wait for it to soak in, typically staying in this position for at least 10 minutes. The oil will help soften any hardened and impacted earwax, making it easier to remove.

Flush gently with clean water and a syringe

It can take a few days of regular oil drops before the wax is softened enough for removal. After about three days of oil treatment, sanitise a syringe using water and some baby bottle sterilisation liquid. Fill the syringe with clean water, point the tip into your affected ear canal, and gently but firmly squirt in the water to flush out the (hopefully) softened wax. If all has gone well, then you’ll be greeted with the ability to hear again. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, the team at Medskin Clinic offers ear irrigation treatments, so book an appointment today.

Traditional methods of cleaning your ears, using cotton swabs or sticks, are not always the healthiest or safest ways to get rid of unwanted wax. Instead, professional ear wax removal is often recommended as an alternative that uses safe methods to completely clean your ear.

Chesterfield Ear Wax Removal

Our fully trained nurses will talk you through each process, discussing the pros and cons, letting you know what to expect from the treatment and monitoring you throughout the whole sequence of events. Call us today and see how we can help you to hear properly once again on 03301 132 2640.


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