Busting the Botox myths

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Botox can improve your image and also help to make you feel more confident. Some shy away from the procedure, however, because of the myths that surround it. Here we look to separate fact from fiction.

You get immediate results

Botox works by relaxing various muscles and this can take a little bit of time. Usually, the effects of the treatment will start to show within 24-48 hours but it can take anywhere up to 14 days for the full effects to show.

The effects will be permanent

Having permanent changes from Botox is impossible. As your muscle regenerates, the Botox will slowly wear away and your face will return to how it was before. It actually makes Botox an easy decision, as you know the effects will wear off if it doesn’t suit you.

The injections are painful

While Botox is delivered via injection, it’s completed with a very thin needle and all you’ll feel is a pinch. You’ll only feel minor discomfort with no lasting pain which helps to make it so popular. Some also think that it will cause headaches but it’s actually more of a headache reliever.

Botox is just for wrinkles

Botox is most famous for smoothing out wrinkles, specifically in the forehead. The reality is that it can be used in numerous parts of the face. It can change negative expressions, lift your eyebrows, open up your eyes as well as many more positive changes.

Botox is toxic and can make you ill

This myth comes from the fact that Botox is made from the same cultures that can cause Botulism. Botox is far removed from this and is a purified substance. It can’t cause any such illnesses and this has been proved countless times.

Don’t be put off by the myths

There are myths around many subjects and they can give people the wrong impression. As we have seen here, many aspects that people think of as true are actually myths. If this has reassured you about the fantastic effects of Botox, contact Medskin Clinic today to see how we can help you.

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