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Bunny lines are fine wrinkles that are caused by scrunching the nose; the muscle called the alaeque nasi, contracts and this leads to the appearance of wrinkles. This muscle is more active in certain individuals and it is these individuals who may eventually suffer from more prominent bunny lines on the nose. However, you don’t need to worry about these lines, they are completely harmless and they can easily be smoothed out with Botox as an effective bunny line treatment. Botox in bunny lines is a treatment that will leave your face looking smooth, youthful, and fresh.

Why get Botox in bunny lines?

A lot of people decide to have botox in bunny lines after they have already had Botox around the eyes, forehead or cheek area, as bunny lines after botox in other areas can seem more pronounced in contrast to an otherwise smooth face. Irrespective of why you are considering this treatment, a good clinic will always begin with a consultation, during which the doctor will listen to your concerns, asses your bunny lines on your face and learn what you hope to get from the treatment. They will also talk you through your options and what to expect from the Botox. They will assess the area around your nose to determine the best approach.

How does Bunny Line Botox work?

Once you are happy with the projected outcombune of your bunny line treatment, the procedure can begin which tends to last for about 45 minutes. Your doctor should start by cleansing the area that is going to be treated, and they will then apply numbing cream so that you cannot feel the Botox injections. After this, they will ask you to scrunch your nose up slightly. They do this so that they can see precisely where your muscle is. They will then inject Botox at either side targeting any bunny lines on the nose – the number of injections and the position of them differs from person to person. Each injection only penetrates about 1-2 mm below the skin.

How long do the results last from Bunny Line Treatment?

Recovery is immediate after bunny nose Botox treatments and the aftercare period is only around six to eight hours. You can expect the results to last for three to four months after your first treatment. Once you have had several treatments, your bunny wrinkles will ease and the results will start to last longer, i.e. 6+ months. Your doctor will advise on treatments in the future.

Botox is a safe treatment and most people do not experience any complications or side effects. Those who do only encounter minor effects, such as swelling, minor bruising, and allergies. Here at MedSkin, we have a considerable degree of experience in the industry and an impeccable reputation, so you can be confident of a safe and successful procedure. We are sure the results will exceed your expectations, and that is why we are the only clinic that offers a satisfaction guarantee.

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